The US CEO says “less competitive” employees prefer to work from home, prompting criticism

The US CEO says “less competitive” employees prefer to work from home, prompting criticism


May 14, 2021 09:32 GMT

Sandeep Matherani, CEO of WeWork, a real estate company that provides co-working spaces, says that employees perform better if they’re together in the office.

Sandeep Mathrani, chief executive of WeWork, an American real estate company that provides co-working spaces, has been under fire from netizens after he announced that “less engaged” employees like working remotely.

Chief Executive Officer Was pronounced On this topic on Wednesday during the “The Future of Everything” event, organized by the Wall Street Journal. “Those who are very committed to the company They want to go to the office Two-thirds of the time, At least. Those who are less committed feel very comfortable working from home. “

Likewise, the CEO of the real estate company emphasized the importance of workers spending time in the office together, which, according to him, It affects your performance. On the one hand, a WeWork leader stresses that determining the number of days per week to go to the office is one of the most important issues.

Internet users accuse him of bias

Meanwhile, many netizens disagreed with Matharani’s opinion, which they consider in part, and listed the advantages associated with working from home, as well as the disadvantages of the office, citing their own experiences.

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“I usually Complete 40 hours of office work in 8-12 hours at home, Because I don’t have to listen to cross conversations, dramas, trivial discussions, or attend multiple meetings that duplicate an email that I have received and that I have already taken action on, ” He explains Twitter user. The tobacco company CEO said: “Smoking is good for you.” Jokes else.

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“If the only way to keep your employees involved is to be in the office with them, you have to do so Trouble drivingAnd not employee participation. ” pointing to Anne Johnson, Vice President, Microsoft.

Meanwhile, Aaron Levy, CEO of the Cloud Storage Service Fund, used humor to deal with the situation Commented: “The most committed employees always keep their files in Box.”

Hybrid model, is it a possible exit?

Despite the criticism that sparked his comments in the networks, Bishop’s view Not uniqueSince executives at other large companies claim to be overburdened with the amount of video conferencing they have to conduct after the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m so tired of it Stress the meeting“, I acknowledge Zoom CEO Eric Yuan himself, whose company has thrived under the current circumstances. Jimmy Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, the leading US bank, shared the same experience.

Meanwhile, some companies, including MicrosoftThey have already announced their intention to make a move Hybrid system Which combines remote work and office work.

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