Emalcsa will bring an underwater drone to Flag Day on A Coruña

Emalcsa will bring an underwater drone to Flag Day on A Coruña

Emalcsa will be present again this year at Flag Day on the Street And it will do so through the President of Emalcsa-UDC, who is collaborating in organizing this media conference scheduled for Saturday, May 7th, in Santa Margherita Park. Even there it will take it Underwater drone “Ecomapper”‘, which is used to study processes such as eutrophication, a process that has become an environmental problem due to human action.

This drone is capable of measuring water parameters such as turbidity, pH, chlorophyll concentration, velocity, temperature and conductivity, and has been used not only in the Cecebre Reservoir, but also in other parts of Spain. On Saturday, visitors will be able to discover it for themselves.

Thus, in the tent prepared by the chair in the garden will be there Other experiments related to water layers, For example, a process that can also contribute to eutrophication. The density of different liquids will be explained and how the density of water varies when it freezes and evaporates and will be verified That water at different temperatures does not mix and will show how microalgae grow.

On the other hand, taking advantage of augmented reality technology, Emalcsa will install some panels in which they can be recognized through QR codes. Facilities related to urban water in A Coruña and capital waters, such as city water tanks and Telva water treatment plant.

Additionally, Emalcsa wants to make this street flag day a plastic-free day, installing 8 fountains throughout so that visitors and participants can fill their containers without having to resort to single-use products.

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