Emiliano Martinez. The journalist writes: Is this how you talk in bed?

Emiliano Martinez.  The journalist writes: Is this how you talk in bed?

Buenos Aires, Argentina /

The Argentina win With a penalty shootout against Colombia, he unleashed the joy of millions of Albicelestes who are just one match away from lifting the title at the main level again after 28 years, but between celebrations controversy to Messages A famous TV presenter named Flor Peña towards goalkeeper Damian Emiliano Martinez.

The great protagonist of Pampero’s victory in the Copa America semi-finals in Three penalties saved aka Colombians Dipo Martinez He was praised by all his teammates on the field and on social networks, where Flour Peña glimpse the way Talking dead to his rivals to make them nervous.

“If Draw happens to you that way in penalty kicks, imagine yourself in bed”, posted by the artist hosting the show flower team on Argentine television.

Controversial reactions in Argentina

Unfortunately, the driver received offensive comments For this text and in his TV show, he asserted that it was no longer possible to overlap the culture of manhood or allow a woman to be classified as a “whore” to express any sexual desire.

I tweet about the Argentine goalkeeper and I’ve received 200,000 times the word “whore.”. You have to erase or spoil that word because women do what they like.”

Even in networks he answered saying that She’s “not a bitch, she’s a bitch too” To support your freedom of expression without being alone with any thoughts or desires. In addition, he criticized women specifically who “criticize the way I think, speak, feel, look, desire, and limp.”

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