Pensioners and pensioners in Ecuador demand the rescue of the IESS health fund from “bankruptcy” | Economy | News

Pensioners and pensioners in Ecuador demand the rescue of the IESS health fund from “bankruptcy” |  Economy |  News

A few days ago, Cesar Rodriguez, an employers’ delegate at the International Institute of Social Sciences, said the “Health Fund is bankrupt” and that it only had resources for an additional month.

Surprised, this is how retired and retired people became in Montepio in Ecuador after they learned that the IESS Health Fund You only have one month’s resources.

We receive this news that affects us psychologically and physiologically because it creates a state of uncertainty about the future of our medical care.This came in the statement signed by Manuel Muñoz, president of the Union of Pensioners and Pensioners of Ecuador.

This reaction came after the statements of Cesar Rodriguez, delegate of employers at IESS, who stated that “the IESS Health Fund is bankrupt” and that it has only one month of resources.

Rodriguez, a member of the entity’s board of directors, He explained that years of longstanding poor repayments of healthy debt and expenditures generated from financing have left IESS in this position..

“For the next month, the health fund is at zero, and in August and September of this year we won’t have to pay anyone. That’s the truth: we’re broke.

IESS Health Fund only has one month’s supply of resources, warns employer delegate to board of directors

The union wondered if Rodriguez had clarified the critical situation. “We wonder what Mr. Rodriguez, who has been in office for nine years, as well as representatives of the insured and former IESS board chairmen, have done to avoid this massive social crisis,” the letter reads.

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The union announced that it will act in the absence of a solution They will ask the IESS board of directors to collect public and private debts.

The country’s debt to the IESS in relation to health is estimated at about $5,000 million. Rodriguez said between $350 million and $400 million per month must be paid for health care for retirees. (I)

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