Enrique Guzman is preparing a lawsuit against his granddaughter Frida Sofia

Enrique Guzman is preparing a lawsuit against his granddaughter Frida Sofia

After his statements Frida Sophia Against Mexican singer Enrique Guzman, where a lawsuit by the daughter also emerged Alejandra GuzmanNow his grandfather is also preparing a lawsuit.

The interpreter of “Payasito” confirmed on the Ventaneando program that he would denounce Frida before the US authorities because of the accusations.

The rocker went to the show to talk about promoting Jesus Christ’s work as a Superstar, and even though he said he’s happy for Upcoming projects Which he would carry out, he could not avoid pointing out the disagreements he maintains with the daughter of Alejandra Guzmán.

Noting that Allie gave him all his support to go forward against Frida, the interpreter commented: “Any lady, any woman, everyone is now saying ‘me too'” […] And they’re hanging out of a ball of things that might be true for some people, in my case that’s not true, and since they have no way of verifying that, we should move on with United State“.

And despite the fact that Don Enrique had already filed a complaint against the young woman in Mexico, the artist indicated that, with the consent of Alejandra, he would also do it in the country where he lives. granddaughter. “The problem is, it’s going to change it because I’m going to do it in the States.”

However, upon hearing the question about whether he really wanted to embark on this legal process, the singer commented: “No, no, unfortunately still granddaughter… (stops me) a lot and his mother too.”

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accordingly, Guzman He said the whole process would be done through a notary, and would be based on all the statements made by Frida because they are lies. “A journalist seemed to have bought her an exclusive, and it became easy for her to say that this was the issue she was going to tackle (causing an uproar)”.

Likewise, he emphasized that Alejandra would also be involved in the lawsuit: “You should be there because we are both, right now I am yelling, because you should also yell, the problem is that it will happen later. […] It might turn upside down, because if I don’t prove that I’m attacks, the argument that I touched her inappropriately, if you do not verify this, then my claim comes, they are false accusations, made before the authorities, then they come to answer me, why did you do this? It’s a crime and she’s from prison.”

Although the singer said that he was ready to forgive his granddaughter despite all the statements against her; Finally, Enrique Guzmán said he was offended and admitted that the father of lawyers representing Frida Sofia in Mexico had approached him, arguing that he wanted to represent him in this Legal claim.


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