With only pink thread, Daniela Chávez responded forcefully to Arcángel

With only pink thread, Daniela Chávez responded forcefully to Arcángel

If you know a file Beautiful Chilean modelAnd the Daniela ChavezSure, you know he posts a habit to pamper his loyal followers Instagram This time he decided to do it again, but accompanied by a strong message in the form of an answer to ArchangelThe urban genre singer who yesterday revealed some of his thoughts on social media and ended up revealing his “true” identity.

That’s right, a whole controversy erupted regarding this issue, thanks to the fact that the singer decided to comment on what the girls are doing. Their social networks, Like showing their charm, so it’s clear that some celebrities have decided to raise their voices and not stay silent, because they are free to upload whatever they want to their profiles.

Definitely Daniela Chavez She could not help but make her answer and the boy firm, because with the following words she decided to leave him with his mouth more than closed: “Arcangel c * showed himself to have more followers than you and I talk about him ladies, you have to be a god while you are far from it!”

“He spent years fighting for freedom of expression From women in any form and this man comes that no one talks about them all .. I am not telling you anything else because even if he shows c * lo I am a lady, Marrano talks about the ladies ha ha ha, ”he wrote in his article Entertainment.

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As you can already read in her own words, Daniela Chávez will continue to fight for the full respect of freedom of expression for women and that this kind of comment does not occur in this new maturity that we must all embrace.

As you certainly know, a modern icon that occurred in relation to Women’s Day, at the moment there is a revolution in minds, you must be included in it, because it seeks gender equality in any potential issue, and of course social networks have been included, so this time we will support Our beloved and influential Chilean model, who has every reason to be bothered by the comments from this style.

The most valuable thing we have at the moment is freedom of expression, with this action that Daniela Chávez may have accomplished is to invite other models to not be silent and what a good message I have managed to write, straightforward and quite simple.

It seems that many artists like Arcángel did not understand that we are all the same and that we have the right to use our social networks as we please, to use any type of clothing and there should be no problem with that, even thanks to what the young artist Anita commented that she spawned some theories such as that of It’s very likely that the rappers and reggae artists are jealous that they are no longer getting the attention of the entire audience.

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That’s right, in some past years, videos of the urban genre have involved many dancers and attracted the attention of many netizens and viewers, however, today platforms like Instagram have managed to attract women themselves to gain all that attention in their profiles and this can see they produced a genre. Of envy.

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It’s somewhat ridiculous but clearly cannot continue to be used by dancers and mannequins as objects. This whole problem has led to many social media users sharing their views and a conversation has been established, in which it seems that no one will reach an agreement.

At the moment, it is not clear if we will have any positive results for this struggle for equality, but something if we are completely clear and this is thanks to artists like Daniela Chavez, Anita, and many others who have raised their voices, this problem will not go unnoticed. It is hoped that your voice helps raise awareness among some.

At the moment, loyal fans of Daniela Chávez continue to enjoy her beautiful pictures, admire her and also comment as usual, both in the form of congratulations and thanks and now in admiration for being a strong and brave woman and what she does I don’t think. Stay out of this important movement that is happening.

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