Espacio Canaya entered the ring before the election

Espacio Canaya entered the ring before the election

.’s political life middle It takes heat. the gathering space kanaya He appeared in the community and did so at a meeting held in the Capital Chamber, with a good audience (among the guests was the former president Norberto Special). It was the start of a political year like the next, as this group claims to be a part of elections Scheduled to take place in October 2022. The new space made up of different groups at that time decided to come together to draw up a serious project for that election. Kanaya cultureAnd Kanaya Heritage And Kanaya heart They are the groups that it consists of. Juan Cruz Rodriguez, Javier Armantano, Lucia Pavetti and Maximiliano VeSome of its representatives were the ones who took the floor.

The spirit of this show had, of course, to do with the intentions to participate in the upcoming elections, but in this context, they considered it appropriate to show their goals now “Do not appear for two or three months”. They argued, among other things, that after many conversations over the years they had come up with a ‘homogeneous management vision’.


One of the guests of Espacio Canaya was the former President Special.

Marcelo Bustamante / Capital

The speakers that day are Maximiliano in Canaia de Corazon and Javier Armantano (before the talk starts asking for applause) Marco Rubin), Lucía Pavetti (Canaya Culture) and Juan Cruz Rodríguez (Canaya Legacy). Beyond the focus each of them made, What they tried to make clear is that this process, which has now officially begun, has several stages. The first “ends today (yesterday)”, they said, and has to do with introduction into the community.

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The second is “process consolidation”, the pursuit of a “one hundred percent competitive plan that convinces the partner.” The third stage is, of course, related to “the intent to be a government”.

They suggest that through the “football locomotive” of a club like Central, working groups can be created “to build something better than what we have today”.


Javier Armantano (Canaia culture) was one of the speakers.

Javier Armantano (Canaia culture) was one of the speakers.

Marcelo Bustamante / Capital

In this aspect, they referred, among other points, to “a better management of the economy, the development of a new structure of the sports disciplines and the social sphere” and “a plan for the improvement of the lower divisions, without distinguishing between Rosarina and the AFA”.

Vt Brun and the “successful” operation

Jorge Brun He underwent surgery on his right knee after rupturing the anterior cruciate ligament he sustained in the match against him colon In Santa Fe and as reported by the club The operation was ‘successful’.. From now on, the rogue goalkeeper will have rehabilitation time, which will require six to seven months.

The operation carried out in the women’s clinic was responsible for Hernan Gallan, and a doctor from the rogue campus, and the doctor also participated Daniel Solitel.

This is the second operation in his career to the cruciate ligament in his right knee, as he suffered a similar injury in 2009.

Of course recovery times are discretionary. is that every physicist usually responds in a different way, but it’s clear that vt Will miss the first semester of next year.

that day Brune Withdrew from court colon With a feeling of a ‘stable’ knee, but the next day an MRI they performed revealed a ruptured cruciate ligament. That was when it was decided that there was no other method than the operation performed on Wednesday morning that the medical staff were satisfied with.

Cat Avila, in trouble

Gaston Avila He may also be low in the match against Lanus, due to muscle discomfort. The medical team conducted an imaging study Wednesday night. If I don’t get in good shape, I’ll go instead Ricardo Garay. by Commentator Emmanuel Ojeda and the injured Damian Martinez will head Matthew Tanlongo And Ulysses SicioliYesterday, he signed his first contract.

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