Espacio Mariño has released her all-inclusive sapukái . collection

Espacio Mariño has released her all-inclusive sapukái . collection

Shammy is unconditional, an expression that embraces everyone equally and under this concept, the 31st edition of the National Day proposed an unprecedented space called “Che amoá meme” (Dance under the trellis) in the Mariño Library (Santa Fe 847). On Saturday’s opening day, there was a performance by Nacho Acevedo, Taji, Grito del Alma do (La Fueja Mas Fauco) and a women’s ensemble, among other proposals.

Last night, at the conclusion of this edition, the second day of Espacio Mariño, with the participation of local artists and audiovisual producers, began a typical food tasting courtyard and artistic expressions that reflect the new meaning of melon.

Although admission is free and free, this festival seeks to help the picnic area “Los Mellis”. “The public who comes can cooperate with non-perishable food or with a contribution reward at the door,” the organization expressed.

They pointed out from the session that “the proposal aims to accompany the new artistic movements associated with Shammy, with the imprint of linking diversity and schism from an environment in which music, history, dance and integration converge.” In this way, the melon was approached in space from different artistic expressions.

Music was great from the stage, dancing between the tables, and an art gallery in the “La pecera” room, added to the local cinema, lit up the space. A highlight was the presentation of the Confluencias ensemble consisting of Noelia Sinkunas (piano), Milagros Caliva (Bandoneon), Belén López (Double Bass), Carolina Rodríguez (violin) and Lucía Troitiño (guitar). Africo’s young group Chamami paid homage to singer and composer Mario Bofill, while later Chavela “La Fueja”, drag queen folklore singer, performed on a coastal group. Also on stage was Nacho Acevedo, winner of the “Mi Primer Chamamé” competition.

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The evening was also attended by the Tajy group and the Grito del Alma Duo (la fuegah plus Vauco). In the exhibition room, “Invasión de arte” was presented: paintings by Josefina Conte students by Mayra Pleger and Daniela Szelect. An amazing performance by the “Agua de Lovia Ballet” with their dance “Journey to the Origin”. Sofia Morales, Martina Coronas, Lorena Franco, and Lucia Anahi Canetti were involved.

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