Espaillat explains why the Dominican Republic has not received the vaccines donated by the United States

Espaillat explains why the Dominican Republic has not received the vaccines donated by the United States

Looking at the reports released this Thursday by the organizations American Society and Council of the Americasand ensuring that out of the 200 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines donated by the United States to various countries of the world, The only person who did not receive them is the Dominican Republic, Congressman Adriano Espaillat Explain that it could be because National Congress approval is required, The one who doesn’t know if it has been done since the government confirmed that it had bought enough doses to vaccinate the population.

He said that according to reports in the Dominican Republic, between 50% and 60% of the population has been vaccinated.

“I’m not sure what the number is, but what happens is the state pushes and pushes and it gets to the point where it’s hard to vaccinate the rest because of a series of factors, or people don’t want to be vaccinated or something.” .

The report states that the United States has already distributed about $43 million to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

He adds that a quarter of those doses, about 10.9 million units, were delivered in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Paraguay.

The report stated that “the Dominican Republic is the only country on the continent to which the United States has promised to provide vaccines, but the doses have not yet arrived, according to the above statistics.”

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The answer is that vaccines have always been available to the Dominican Republic since the Biden government made them available. The congressman said the Dominican Republic has enough vaccines to vaccinate the country from which they were purchased.”

“I think the United States has donated more vaccines than any other country in the world for free, and despite that, the Dominican Republic could benefit from having those additional vaccines,” he explained.

“The reports I have are that the Dominican Republic already has enough vaccines procured and that’s why it probably doesn’t need to donate,” Espilat said.

It’s not that they didn’t arrive, they were available. As I understand it, it will require action from the Congress of the Dominican Republic and it seems to me that this action has not been taken, and the country is really saying that it has enough vaccines for the rest of the population.”

“It seems to me it’s not much different than it is here in the United States” in terms of the proportion of those who haven’t been vaccinated, Espilat said.

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