New Ideas won 17 mayors out of 19 in San Salvador, according to preliminary results

New Ideas won 17 mayors out of 19 in San Salvador, according to preliminary results

ARENA maintained its mayor position in Ayutuxtepeque, while Guazapa remained with the mayor of PCN. The two mayors who failed to defeat the new ideas.

As of 3 p.m. Monday, the Supreme Court Results Transfer (TSE) website reported that in San Salvador, the New Ideas Party was made up of 17 mayors from 19 municipalities with the most populous section. From El Salvador.

The New Ideas-GANA coalition won the president of San Salvador, 61,001 votes, 89.2% of the minutes counted to 3 PM, displacing ARENA’s mayor, Ernesto Moishund.

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Mario Doran Former Interior Minister and former Counselor of the San Salvador Mayor’s Office in the Municipal Administration of Niep Bukele, will lead the Metropolitan Municipality effective May 1.

San Martin, Panchimalco, Aguilares, Tonacatepec, Santo Tomas, Santiago Texaquangos, El Bizenal, Rosario de Mora, Ciudad Delgado, Soiabango, Coscatsingo, San Marcos, Elopango, Idea and Megicanos, Nijaba, Neas and Apapa will pass -WINS.

In Mejicanos, FMLN Mayor Simon Paz was not re-elected. In that municipality, New Ideas also won an alliance with CD.

Fidel Fuentes, one of the symbolic mayors of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front in San Marcos, will be overthrown by Nuevas Idias.

While other municipalities have retained the mayors themselves, these are: Guazapa, who decided to keep Mayor José Armado Barrera, from the PCN in the mayor’s office.

Ayutuxtepeque also remained in the hands of the current ARENA mayor, Alejandro Nuchis, who is in his fourth term in the municipality.

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Watch: Mario Doran is the winner of the San Salvador Mayor’s Office

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