Estefania Soto: “If it wasn’t for the epidemic, I wouldn’t be here” | Fashion and beauty

Estefania Soto: “If it wasn’t for the epidemic, I wouldn’t be here” |  Fashion and beauty

For Estefania Soto, the pandemic literally changed her life.

When reviewing what her journey as Miss Puerto Rico (MUPR) 2020 has been like, she cannot ignore the context of the global health crisis that prompted her to complete the work that began in 2019.

When the epidemic hit I was working in the Netherlands. I lost my job at first and then got it back before Dennis (Quinones, former MUPR Director) made the call with the approach,” the first MUPR 2019 finalist recalls, to make room for bigger thinking.

“This call represents the other side of the coin, which was the year of the epidemic for me. If not for the epidemic, I wouldn’t be here. These are details that are hard to forget. The epidemic, with all its negative aspects, means a lot of profit and growth opportunities,” estimated Jamal, who managed to enter half Miss Universe Final.

Throughout her reign, she managed to evolve as a communicator, gaining scenic dominance and connection with the public, which inadvertently prepared her for her next phase, now in investigative journalism as part of the Fourth Force, commanded by Guy Fonseca every Tuesday, at 10:00 PM by Wapa.

With an interdisciplinary MA with a focus on sociology, cultural anthropology and gender perspective, she was able to “transfer that interdisciplinary vision” into the concept, to which she also added her experience at the international organization Eurocities in Brussels, the French Embassy in Washington DC and the European Patent Organization in The Hague.

She also began training as an actress with playwright Modesto Lassen. “I have a committed approach, but I am completely comfortable. I want to absorb everything I can learn, because I don’t have that pressure that I want to be an actress. I want to learn and find out what I am capable of in this field,” he applied to him. speaker.

Meanwhile, she is focusing on the final stage of her title, with the election of her successor on September 30 at the Centro de Bellas Artes de Santurce. There are 27 candidates to succeed her and represent Puerto Rico in the international competition in Israel.

“It is a very diverse group. There are girls who have a lot of experience in beauty pageants, many of whom have won previous competitions, but there are also girls who, like me in 2019, entered without any experience and it was very good to see this transformation and also very nostalgic now to see it from a point other”.

Soto has his “Top 5” in the final, but he prefers to reserve it for him. “They all have a lot to offer and the potential to go far, but it’s competition.”

Audiences will also be able to make their roster on Sunday, when Wapa airs the preliminary competition at 8:00 p.m.

Once his commitment as MUPR 2020, Soto is not closing the doors to new technical or business opportunities. Writing a book is also out of the question.

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