Eugenio Derbez reports to the restaurant where he found a rat; This is how it happened | Photo

Eugenio Derbez reports to the restaurant where he found a rat;  This is how it happened |  Photo

Mexican comedian and actor Eugenio Derbez I mentioned on his social networks the restaurant where I managed to catch the mouse while eating his dinner. In addition, he surprised netizens with the way he reacted when he saw the rodents.

What happened to the rodent?

Through a video clip on his official account for InstagramThe producer also shared with his nearly 17 million followers the same moment a mouse was walking close to where he was eating.

In the pictures you can see part of the table where Derbez dined and in front of him, through the window, you can see the quiet gray rodents watching around the restaurant.

“I had an unexpected dinner guest,” the comedian wrote in his letter.

Similarly, the actor in the video can be heard trying to get the mouse’s attention with some sounds, as he confirmed that it was “beautiful” and her followers wondered “How did they see?” the situation.

Users interact, what is a restaurant?

for this part, Social media users were surprised to see how Derbez handled the situation, because many are usually afraid or disgusted. However, the comedian took it with a lot of humor.

Some of the comments were: “I screamed twice and that’s just a video”, “Iuuuuu, I’m dying”, “He’s the little chef from Ratatouille xD” and “He’s cute, take him home”.

However, the actor has not yet revealed what the restaurant is, but it is not in Mexico City, because it is currently in the United States.

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CODA its new production

The new production in which the Mexican is involved is “CODA”, an American drama written and directed by Sian Heder. Additionally, it is a remake of the French movie “La familia Bélier”.

However, the new film will arrive in Mexico on September 23 in several cinemas and across the Apple platform.


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