European Basketball League | The EuroLeague agrees with Bartzukas' complaints

European Basketball League |  The EuroLeague agrees with Bartzukas' complaints

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Olympiacos' defeat to Barcelona in the third match in extra time (80-82) The Greek team was greatly shocked and Especially to his coach, Giorgios Bartzokas, who complained at the end of the match about several refereeing violations. This helped Barcelona in the end achieve an important victory (80-82).

European League after reviewing the photos He issued a statement this afternoon in agreement with the Greek coach regarding an action 16 seconds before the end It can change the final development of the match.

“With 16.3 seconds remaining in the final quarter, the time that FC Barcelona player Tomas Satoransky holds the ball in his hands before entering exceeds the 5-second limit. (FIBA OBR – Article 17.3.1 Player Serving) It will take no more than 5 seconds to release the ball).

Unreported violation

“The referees should have called a 5-second violation that resulted in Olympiacos Piraeus having possession of the ball.”. The statement, which at the same time agreed with them regarding Parker's last shot, said: “An incorrect decision without the referees indicating it.”

“With one second left in overtime, defender Filip Petrusev touched Jabari Parker's arm with his left hand When the upward movement that precedes the shot begins. The refs called a foul. “Correct signage,” the memo said.

“Fault with no time remaining on the game clock (00:00) at the end of any quarter or any extra time. Judges will review the footage to determine only the next question: whether the required foul occurred before the lights came on. Red LED lights (indicates end of run time).

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The remaining time of the hour

Referees will be allowed to use instant replay to determine whether (and how much) time to put on the game clockbut only when it is confirmed by replay that an error has occurred before the red LED lights appear (indicating the end of playing time)

“Before play resumed, the referees adjusted the clock to 0.05 “Because that was the moment when the illegal contact occurred,” the memo concludes.

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