Real de Minas’ surprise and tied with Motagua in the last breath – ten

Real de Minas’ surprise and tied with Motagua in the last breath – ten

Full time. Motagua and Real de Minas drew 2-2 at the National Stadium.

Accurate. 93. Gooooooolllll from Real de Minas. Mario Moncada took advantage of a loose ball in the area, defeated his header and eliminated Motagua.

Accurate. 90 We add another four minutes and we’ll get to 94 minutes.

Accurate. 80 The change in Real de Minas. Misael Güity enters and Elison Rivas leaves.

Accurate. 79 Juul de Motagua, Center “MOMA” Fernandez and head of Roberto Moreira defeat Archibald.

Accurate. 76 Superb play by William Moncada, midfield and Eder Delgado sent the ball over Rogier’s goal.

75 minutes Double change: Elvir and Oscar García enter Omar instead of Elmer Güity and Matias Galvaliz.

who. 72 Motagua’s Change: Gonzalo Klusener and Marco Tulio Vega Papers entered.

Accurate. 70 The change in Real de Minas. Fuselyn leaves Grant and enters Mario Moncada

Minimum 66 David Mendoza’s mistake against Elmer Goetti and referee Alex Morazan sacks the captain of Real de Minas.

Accurate. 64. Real de Minas goal. Eder Delgado took advantage of Andino’s cross and defeated Roger with a header.

Accurate. 62 The change in Motagua Carlos “Muma” Fernández enters and leaves Kevin López.

Minimum 60 Change in Real de Minas: Eric Andino enters and leaves Aldo Oviedo.

Accurate. 57 Real de Minas was saved. Archibald got off to a bad start, but the shot got stuck in vertical.

Accurate. 53. Motagua goal, Walter Martonez with a powerful shot and Archibald’s complicity score 1-0.

Minimum 50 Yellow by Mathias Galvaliz due to a foul against David Mendoza.

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Accurate. 47 Roger saves twice! The Blues goalkeeper blocked Moncada’s shot, leaving the ball loose and Ellison Rivas returned to finish it, but the Blues goalkeeper sent it to a corner kick.

Accurate. 46. Archibald got into action when Motagua interrupted the first attack, but kept the ball. Real de Minas goal attended by the club’s doctor.

Change in Motagua: Jonathan leaves Nunez and Walter Martinez enters

End of the first 45 minutes.

Accurate. 44 Archibald still represents Real de Minas and has now done so as the last defender, being left alone with Moreira and out to hold off the Blues’ attack well.

Accurate. 42. Yellow by Kevin Lopez, after a strong intervention against Cliffux Bernardes.

Accurate. 40 Once again, Archibald saved Real de Minas, Real de Minas’ goalkeeper covered Matthias Galvaliz’s header.

Accurate. 37 Roger covered! The Blues goalkeeper saved Fuselyn Grant’s header after a cross from Ellison Rivas.

35 minutes. The first yellow card arrived in the match and it was for Aldo Oviedo.

Accurate. 34 Marco Tullio Vega, the Mutagua striker headed off Kevin Lopez Archibald a wrong cross, but the ball hit the horizontal.

Accurate. 32 Mutagua and Real de Minas go on without hurting themselves and tied without goals at the national stadium.

Accurate. 22 David Mendoza saved Real de Minas, after a loose ball in the area, which was kicked by Marco Tullio Vega calmly and the defender pushed her away.

Accurate. 20 Referee Alex Morazan forgave Keflox Bernandez after a strong intervention on Kevin Lopez.

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Accurate. 12 Fuselin Grant put Roger to the test with a powerful shot inside the area, but the Blues goalkeeper easily controlled the shot.

Accurate. 11 Motagua was saved, after a shot from the corner was tried by Robel Bernárdez, but if he shot, Rougier’s header was thrown through.

Minimum 5 Real de Minas awaits Mutagua for the withdrawal and the Blues try to make their way towards the goal.

With light rain, the match will take place at the National Stadium between Motagua and Real de Minas.

We start the minute with the minute of the match

This is how Motagua came about: Jonathan Rogier, Juan Pablo Montes, Marcelo Pereira, Marcelo Santos, Elmer Goetti; Kevin Lopez, Hector Castellanos, Jonathan Nunez, Matthias Galvaliz; Roberto Moreira and Marco Tullio Vega.

11 from Real de Minas: Archibald, Ismail Santos, Rubel Bernardes, David Mendoza; Ellison Rivas, Eder Delgado, Joshua Nieto, Cliffux Bernardes; Aldo Oviedo, William Moncada, and Fuseli Grant.

This is how Motagua and Real de Minas marched at the leading table

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