European Parliament fears Russian cyber attack during June elections

European Parliament fears Russian cyber attack during June elections
Entrance to the European Parliament in Brussels (Reuters)

From Brussels.- “There is real Russian interference and we fear a cyber attack during the elections to the European Parliament.“, said the European Parliament's media director, Jesus CarmonaHe participated during a meeting with Latin American journalists Infobay.

Carmona promised There is a whole operation to take care of the computer system of Parliament 6 to 9 June on polling days in all countries. The last day of the election process is the day where the biggest turnout is expected and it is the day with the most threats.

Carmona's statements came hours later Police raid the Belgian Parliament staff office The European Parliament in Brussels is investigating Russian interference. The suspect belongs to a sub-group, But the Belgian prosecutor's office has yet to reveal his identity or party affiliation.

The investigations were announced last month Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Croix, and point to the existence of a network that attempted to undermine support for Ukraine. “According to our intelligence, Moscow's intentions are very clear, “They seek to elect more pro-Russian candidates to the European Parliament and reinforce a certain pro-Russian message in that institution.”He pointed out.

“This is not the first time we have had such a case but I cannot comment on it as it is a matter of justice. I can say that there has been a very important campaign for months against the European elections and the national elections.“, he assured Carmona.

The European Parliament's media director, apart from the fear of cyber-attacks, SMany cases of misinformation, fake news and information manipulation are registered.

European elections will be held from June 6 to 9 (Reuters)

We have to occupy the space so that they don't occupy it“, he says Carmona To ensure that information is accurate and not manipulated, it specifies the communication strategy Parliament will use to explain each step adopted. Also, they are taking action A rearSanctions on Russian sites are what the media pretends to be, but in fact, says Carmona“Government Organizations.”

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For example, the EU It banned emissions this month Voice of Europe and three other Russian media outlets in the 27-nation bloc. The EU He said they are all under control The Kremlin Also directed “against European political parties, especially during election periods”. Since the invasion of Ukraine began in February 2022, the camp has been suspended Russia today And SputnikIn other ways.

Carmona Repeated Russian propaganda promises to be a reaction to evolution European union. Confederation is no longer considered merely an economic factor, but a geostrategic one as well: “This is also a problem for those who do not believe in democracy.”.

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