Philadelphia is willing to give Butler what Miami doubts

Philadelphia is willing to give Butler what Miami doubts

The Sixers prepare the floor. They decided long ago that the goal for the 2024-25 season was to acquire a third star to accompany Joel Embiid (the only player under contract) and Tyrese Maxey (they would extend him for the salary cap. With that goal, for some time now it has been known that the Philadelphians have Paul George is in red, which doesn't stop them from also looking at other options, like Jimmy Butler.

This is the situation. Although they know the Miami forward is unlikely to be within reach, given that he has a guaranteed contract for 2024-25 and a $52.2 million player option for 2025-26, they believe there could be a real possibility of getting his contract. Services if you pay for an extension with HIT and are refused. To be precise, Butler was considering giving up his position Player's choice to sign a two-year, $113 million extension, guaranteeing his salary through 2026-2027; Any other year. So what's the problem? These guys from Florida don't seem up to the task.

“It's a difficult decision on our part to make to allocate these types of resources,” Pat Reilly, the organization's president, commented weeks ago, before confirming: “Unless we're talking about someone who's available every night.”

Given this potential disagreement, according to Keith Pompey Philadelphia Inquirerthe Sixers are willing to give Butler maximum salary (years and money) if he ends up being forced out of Miami.

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Despite the aforementioned data, it seems impossible for this to happen. The Heat decided to stick with Jimmy since he requested a transfer. And if that wasn't enough, the player himself stated in an article on GQ Who prefers to end his career in Miami. “I feel at home, man. I really care about the city, and I really care about the people of this city. “Miami embraced me,” he said a few days ago.

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