“Eva Espejo can lead in Liga MX”: Leo Cuéllar

“Eva Espejo can lead in Liga MX”: Leo Cuéllar

Monterrey, Mexico. /

Al-Fath EVA mirror worth k A new big step for women In Mexican football, but There is still so much to giveAnd According to the former coach of the Mexican women’s national team, Leonardo Cuellar.

with Riadas’ victory over Tigres in the 2021 Continental Championship final From this Monday, Espejo became the first coach to win the eight championships in the history of this circuit.

This confirms it with Quality to drive in the MX men’s leagueAnd According to Cuellar, although it explains it The disadvantage is the unprepared football players To adapt to the presence of a coach.

Eva will be able to open that gap to be able to lead a team of men And a good level, not necessarily inferior, but a bigger team,” he emphasized In an interview with Mediotiempo.

It is not easy to get into an organization that has already succeededwho has high expectations. They did a great job and Eva deserves it, was the winner of the first Test Cup tournament A very important step for this type, this person loves Eva Espejo has this success“.

All seven previous Liga MX Femenil tournaments have been won by male coachesEven Espego cut this trend. but nevertheless, Cuellar believes that in Liga MX there is a stigma towards who directs womenWell, it happened when he drove for Team America for women and tried to move up to the men’s first division.

Of course I do (Eva can lead in Liga MX)Football is football It does not have to be evaluated by genderRather, it is assessed by what happens on the field with the team, with their game, personality and substance,” he commented.

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It occurred to me that I was about to take out Pumas four times And in the end, one of the decisions that made a difference It was that suspicion that he came from women’s football, it was a ridiculous thingEven another important team in our country got out of this situation.”

Football players are not professional or respected

Cuellar confirms it there is a “but” For a woman to drive in Liga MX, a fact that Players are not ready to have a responsible strategist, as Culture in Mexico continues to stagnate in this aspect.

Missing important space To complete for that to happen, especially because I think so The Mexican player is not as professional and respectful as he should be“, I consider.

We see consistent stories of professional players doing silly things and they are not good examples For our youth to profession. lack of professionalism to be a base To be able to respect the woman who takes an important position in the team Above all else on the field.”

In 2021 Apertura of the MX League for men The closest thing to this was sharing Three assistant referees, Karen Janet Diaz, Enedina Caudilo and Jesica Fernanda Morales, especially the first two are consistently set.

outside of it, The only known case From woman coach In the men’s league in Mexico is Ana Zavala, in charge of the third division team, Los Delfines de Abasolo, in Guanajuato.

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