Winter solstice is an astronomical event that welcomes the last season of the year

Winter solstice is an astronomical event that welcomes the last season of the year

Occurs on December 21st Winter solstice Summer in the northern hemisphere and in the south. A special astronomical event that has fascinated people for many years, with the southern and northern parts of the planet receiving two different stations simultaneously.

Winter solstice This is the shortest day of the year And the official start of winter. Over the next six months, the days in the Northern Hemisphere will decrease and the nights will lengthen. The opposite happens in the south, where December solstice marks the longest day of the year and the beginning of summer.

Why does this phenomenon occur?

As the Earth orbits the Sun, each hemisphere experiences winter as it moves away from the Sun, and Summer as it leans toward the Sun.

Traditions and beliefs

Different cultures of the world have been celebrating the winter solstice for thousands of years. The ancient citizens of great civilizations expressed need “Bring the Sun Back” Winter days are short and when growing cold.

Similarly, the ancient people created festivals and spiritual celebrations around Sankranti because they considered it. Opportunity for renewal, abandonment of bad habits and hope In the dark

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