Evelyn Beltron shows her love for Tony Costa amid rumors of betrayal

Evelyn Beltron shows her love for Tony Costa amid rumors of betrayal

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Tony Costa And his girlfriend Evelyn Beltron I met again this weekend in San Francisco, California Because the Spanish dancer went to the city to perform some work duties.

Since last Friday, The couple dedicated themselves to sharing details of their meeting on social networks, Despite the last hours The two were later accused of cheating on their partners after Timbo Dominguez’s ex-husband. Evelyn Beltron Exclusively People n Espanol talked about the reasons for their termination, She points out that he cheated on her with someone else.

Whatever they say, the Mexican model, known as “La Pichota” on the network, posted some photos of the special weekend she shared with Tony, who went with her to all the zumba classes she gave to hundreds of women.

“Dhoni, how nice it is to see how people love you,” he wrote in a photo where he was seen in front of Adamari Lopez’s alumni.

Evelyn Beltron shows her love for Tony Costa
Photo: Instagram Stories evelynbeltranoficial

In another picture, Peltron poses with a smile, wearing a hat printed with Tony Costa’s initials.

Evelyn Peltron wears the Tony Costa hat
Photo: Instagram Stories evelynbeltranoficial

It should be noted that not everything works for Tony because he was able to take a break and spend hours with his girlfriend.

Photo: Instagram Stories @evelynbeltranoficial Legend

Meanwhile, the Spanish dancer has limited himself to posting photos and videos of his successful classes and has announced that he will be heading to Puerto Rico this Sunday to continue his master class tour.

Tony Costa is famous for his zombie classes
????? And physical activity
Photo: Instagram Stories @toni

Tony Costa and Evelyn Beltron After several months of rumors, a few weeks ago they officially announced their relationship. He confirmed to “Gossip no like” cameras that he was dating the 27-year-old model within a year of breaking up with Adamari Lopez.

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