“Tigress is ungrateful to Tigos Ferretti”

“Tigress is ungrateful to Tigos Ferretti”

DiGres’ history goes back and forth to Ricardo Ferretti, the company’s most successful coach, who will leave at the end of the 2021 Guard 1 match.

On the podcast ‘This is Cho and Period‘, Analyst Hernான்n Pereira said the Brazilians were angry at the way they were leaving the club and considered the Tigers to be “ungrateful” and would overestimate what they had achieved over time.

After 11 years at the helm of the Cats, he won five Liga MX titles, one Copa MX, one Concom Champions and Copa Libertadores and the club World Cup runner-up, deciding not to renew the contract of Semex’s top player coach.

When Duga came to Tigris they were not even close to where they are today, especially in the last decade when they became heroes and rivals after rivalries, they were in Liquillos fighting for local titles.

It all points to Miguel Herrera as the leading candidate to reach the Ferretti Relay, however it will remain official until the current Guard 121 removes the cats in 2021.

Note: The podcast also features the following headlines: Messi’s new deal with Barcelona and his supporters’ response to rumors that UEFA will not allow Superlica founders to leave Argentina from Copa America.

Ask about the departure of ‘Duga’ Ferretti de Tigress in ‘S Aso Punto’.

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