Everton vs Liverpool Live: Team News and latest creation today

Everton vs Liverpool Live: Team News and latest creation today

Everton host Liverpool are looking to capture a 22-game, 10-year undefeated streak against their local rivals in the Merseyside derby.

They are entering their best game of the season, with four wins from four games and the first rivals of the Premier League with their rivals, the reigning champions, to break the three-point losing streak of 7-2 in front of the international by Aston Villa.

Carlo Ancelotti has encouraged this season with Dominic Calvert-Levine and James Rodriguez to shine so far, while the Jurgen Globe should consider the Champions League and have a trip to Amsterdam to face Ajax three days after the game. Follow all the action, updates, analysis and reactions from Goodison Park below.



Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has hailed Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti as “the next challenge in the line-up”.

Globe believes Ancelotti has improved Everton with his signing this summer and that it reflects on the pitch.

He told BBC Football Focus:

“It’s never a secret that I think of Carlo Ancelotti. I can not respect him too much. He’s a wonderful man,

“When I heard he was going to sign for Everton, I thought, ‘Uh, the next perfect challenge in line.’

“They did the right business over the summer. They already found the players they needed to improve a good football team.

“Together, Carlo’s learning more about what they want to do makes them a much stronger team.”


Everton are looking to continue their winning streak this season, but they face an even tougher test at Liverpool.

Can they do it five to five?

Michael Jones17 October 2020 11:46


Rodriguez is burning at Everton

Michael Jones17 October 2020 11:41


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A 31 year wait

It has been 31 years since Mercedes played against Derby Everton.

But here we are again, Dofis is sitting pretty half right after the perfect start to the season under Carlo Ancelotti.

Liverpool were relegated by Aston Villa before the break and will be very eager to jump back.

Michael Jones17 October 2020 11:25


Recent Derby Results

Liverpool have 11 wins and 11 draws in 22 games against Everton.

Everton beat Liverpool 10-0 in the Premier League 2-0 in October 2010. Since then they have not won in 19 league meetings with 11 draws and eight defeats.

Seven of the last eight league derby matches at Goodison Park ended in a draw, with Liverpool winning the other.

The last three hosts hosted by Everton ended without a goal.

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Initial Team News

For Everton, Jerry Mina and Lucas Dickney are expected to be fit for international duty after some minor injuries.

Alison Becker is out for Liverpool, so Adrian will be on target.

Sadio Mane and Diego Alcondara are set to return after self-isolation due to positive corona virus tests, while Joel Mattip is back in training.

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The 235th Merseyside derby has been set as a fender since the resurgence of Everton and Liverpool.

Current Premier League champions Liverpool are looking to bounce back after a 7-2 defeat to Aston Villa last season, while Everton are looking to extend their unbeaten run this season to five games.

Tony Evans explores what it means to be a city separated by faith, but combines all other sentiments:

Michael Jones17 October 2020 11:00


Ferguson Hales Ancelotti

“The first thing I noticed when he came in was that he never changed anything. A new, younger manager could have decided to do things (differently) immediately,” Ferguson told the Daily Mail.

“They may have forced their philosophy – I hate that word – or send the style of play to the team. Some managers would have come in and said … ‘Change this, change that, change everything.’ He never did it.I thought it was class.

“I learned a lot from him. He’s a sober guy, but, trust me, he has a bite on him. Carlo has worked his magic. We all respect him for the things he did in the game. But. He’s hardworking and out on the grass every day.”

Jack Rathbourne17 October 2020 10:34

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