Everything else needs to be resolved in a West that is burning on all fronts

Everything else needs to be resolved in a West that is burning on all fronts

to Most teams only have three games remaining in the regular season The West is burning on all fronts, from leadership to combat to its place on the playing field. The 10 teams that will participate in the playoffs are already known, but the final standings are something else. This is impossible to guess given the existing equality.

First, the head, where The Timberwolves, Nuggets, and Thunder have been in a very close battle for weeks. The 14-game Megaday changed nothing. Minnesota is still tied at the top with Denver (55-24) and Oklahoma is just one game away, which doesn't sound like a lot but it does when there are three games left to play.

Matches for the top three places

  1. Timberwolves (55-24): @Nuggets, Hawks and Suns.
  2. Nuggets (55-24): Timberwolves, @Spurs and @Grizzlies.
  3. Thunder (54-25): Spurs, Bucks, Mavericks.

All three candidates won their respective matches.. The Timberwolves defeated the Wizards (130-121). 51 points from Anthony Edwardsalthough they had to go back 21. The Nuggets beat the Jazz (95-111). 28 points for Jamal Murray and the same for Nikola Jokic, in addition to 13 rebounds and seven assists.. The Thunder was able to defeat the Kings (112-105) after another 20 points came back thanks to… 40 recorded by Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

Crucial Nuggets Wolves

The Nuggets and Wolves team is supposed to resolve many matters this morning, which would put the lead on a golden platter for the winner.. The latest matches are available to everyone. Minnesota hosts the Hawks and Suns, both of which are guaranteed to play, though Phoenix could still push straight-up playoff options. Denver will travel to San Antonio and Memphis. Meanwhile, Oklahoma must face teams that have something on the line, like the Bucks and Mavericks.

In the west, The only thing that seems clear is that first-round matchup between the Clippers and Mavericks. This will be their third crossover in five seasons. The former two were taken by Angelenos, who will likely enjoy the home-field factor as a fourth-place team. behind them, Crazy fighting to avoid playing or doing the best possible at it.

Setbacks in play and mockery of the sun

The Pelicans took a step forward To qualify directly for the playoffs by defeating the Blazers (100-110). Moreover, his pursuers faltered. The Suns did so resoundingly against the Clippers without Kawhi or Harden, but won 105-92 after starting the game with a score of 4-35.. At the end of the first quarter, 10-37 with only two baskets in play by the Locals. Booker finished with 12 points and awesome shooting at 11/1.

The Kings wasted 20 points in Oklahoma (112-105) and the Lakers did not take advantage of Sacramento’s loss. To reach eighth place. They surrendered to the Warriors and can now finish the season in 10th place and without their home court factor in round one play. The Angelenos, with Davis and LeBron got beat up, with a smaller margin of error than the rest. They have two games remaining and the other two have three games.

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