Salvador Nasrallah submits his resignation before the National Congress

Salvador Nasrallah submits his resignation before the National Congress

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Today, Wednesday, April 10, President-designate Salvador Nasrallah arrived at the Secretariat of the National Congress to submit his irrevocable resignation in order to join the political campaign to run for the presidency of the Republic of Honduras.

The head of the Honduran El Salvador party explained, in a live broadcast on social media, that his resignation came based on the constitution and international treaties and based on his aspirations for the presidency.

“The reason I am addressing the Legislative Council is to respectfully, formally and irrevocably submit my resignation from my presidential-appointed position for the 2022-2026 term, which I have requested to be effective as of its submission.” Part of the document presented by Nasrallah.

Immediately after leaving the secretariat of the legislative authority, Nasrallah confirmed that he had obtained more than the necessary 65 votes specified by law to approve his resignation, which he announced on the first of last April.

He stressed, “We obtained the support of more than 65 signatures from all seats of the National Congress, supported by a document.”

At the same time, Nasrallah made it clear that despite his resignation, there is no legal obstacle that could deprive him of his political ambition, pledging that he would remain steadfast in the fight against corruption.

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In recent days, the PSH party body uploaded a list of signatures of National Assembly deputies confirming their vote in favor. Currently, the benches of the National Party, the PSH, the Liberal Party and some members of the Libertad y Refoundación (Libre) have stated their supportive position in approving the resignation.

Procedure Once the resignation is received, the Secretariat of the National Assembly must process the document, which must be entered and read in the Legislative Assembly as correspondence.

After reading it, it must be submitted for consideration, to be voted on and approved by a simple majority of 65 or more votes.

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