Everything You Need To Know About IPL Betting

Everything You Need To Know About IPL Betting

Between March and May, all cricket fans intensely anticipate the return of the Indian Premier League and all the excitement that comes with it.

The Indian Premier League has rapidly become a popular tournament for sports bettors to take advantage of. Every season, seven intense weeks of matches come with many promising potential bet earnings.

If you’re interested in betting with IPL online, this guide offers you the top picks, tricks, and guidelines to help you get started. But first, let’s get into some details of the Indian Premier League.

What is the Indian Premier League?

The Indian Premier League is the tournament of eight teams representing eight cities in India contesting for the grand prize in T20 cricket. Compared to some other cricket tournaments, the IPL is new in the cricket scene because it was established in 2008.

However, its relatively recent inception didn’t derail its popularity to become one of the most-watched cricket competitions on a global scale. Generally, the Indian Premier League is played in a double Round Robin format that sees each of the eight teams play twice with every opponent.

Each team plays one of their matches in their home city as the home team, then the second match between the same opponents away from their home ground as the away team. The top four teams that emerge from this head-to-head tournament will qualify for the playoffs structured into qualifiers and an elimination round before the final.

Up to about ₹200,000,000 is available to be won for whoever emerges the victor.

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IPL betting tips: how to bet efficiently

Each day during the IPL season, you are provided with several opportunities to win on a cricket bookie. Knowing how to bet efficiently is the only way to make profits properly. Naturally, there are many ways to go about this, but only a few offer consistent betting success.

To gain an edge in online Indian Premier League betting, you need to determine your strategy early on. You would have to learn betting tips and some basic guidelines to get you started on your betting journey. With that said, here are some IPL betting tips.

  • Set up a betting budget

Before deciding on what betting tactics and analysis to adopt, it would be best to determine how much to keep aside for your betting budget. Using online betting means you need to deposit funds before placing bets, so you must have a good idea of your budget upfront. Having this knowledge will guide you in betting smartly and responsibly.

  • Look at IPL betting odds

After choosing a budget, you need to research the odds of the various IPL games you want to bet on. This requires familiarity with the odds of different games or win probabilities. Understanding these figures will determine your chance of profits from winning a bet.

  • Know the teams

Having a good knowledge of the sport and getting to know each team is another tip that guarantees an increased chance of betting success. Without this knowledge, you would bet blindly, and without luck on your side, you will rack up losses.

  • Focus on the better players

Focusing on the better players in the IPL tournament increases your chances of making more profitable bets. This is simply because knowing who stands out in a team helps better analyze wins and losses.

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IPL Live betting – playing to win

IPL live betting enables you to bet on a cricket match in real-time, giving you live advantage analysis and in-play betting freedom. This naturally increases your chance of making bigger profits, as you can assess when the odds shift during a match. There is also a cash-out early option to make the most out of a prediction.

In addition to a chance of increased earnings, IPL live betting provides an exciting match experience that keeps you hooked as the match progresses. However, the higher the chances of winning big, the higher the chances of making large losses in a live betting scenario.

Top online betting markets

After learning the betting tips and guides above, the next step would be to apply them to top IPL betting markets. Market research enables you to develop a strategy that can consistently bring you profits accurately. The popular IPL betting markets include Ultimate IPL Winner, Top Team Batsman, the Top IPL Bowler, and many more. Each possesses various features that let you bet on different specifics of a cricket match.


The Indian Premier League is a unique and exciting tournament to bet on. It brings several opportunities to earn extra cash for Indian citizens looking for more ways to earn money than their regular jobs. However, bettors will have to understand the rules of IPL cricket and choose a reliable platform before placing their bets. Do you want an Indian betting platform that offers the best odds on IPL games and guarantees the security of your transactions? Then, you should look no further than Parimatch – the best gaming platform to earn more!

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