Ex-JBA player Phillips says he wishes he had ‘taken college route’

Brandon Phillips spent this past season as a member of the Los Angeles Ballers of the JBA. Photo: Brandon Phillips/Twitter

Former Junior Basketball Association player Brandon Phillips doesn’t blame league co-founder LaVar Ball, but wishes he had not signed on with the league.

“I can’t really speak on the matter because it is being handled legally,” Phillips told Amico Hoops. “But if I could go back in time I would’ve taken the college route for sure.”

Phillips joined the Los Angeles Ballers of the JBA straight out of high school, foregoing his chance at college eligibility. He recently said he had not gotten paid.

While Phillips indicated he regretted his decision to join the JBA,  he made it very clear he does not blame Ball.

In a YouTube video released earlier this month, Phillips said, “I don’t think LaVar Ball is responsible for this in any way. I feel like if he would have known my situation, that I didn’t get paid the amount that I was owed then he would have taken care of it ASAP.”

The JBA league just wrapped up its inaugural season, which was ultimately considered a success. Phillips was cut by the Ballers who went on to win the league championship behind LaMelo Ball and LiAngelo Ball. The Ballers were awarded 2018 Cadillacs for winning the title.

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