EXATLON 5 USA: Who Was Eliminated Jan 31?

EXATLON 5 USA: Who Was Eliminated Jan 31?


Mack Roesch returns to Team Famosos in Season 5 of Exatlon USA.

Exatlón United States Opening night started on Telemundo With big surprises in the new season of the fiercest competition on the planet that airs Monday through Friday and Sunday 7 pm / 6 pm. After entering 24 competitors representing the famous (red team) and opposing team (blue team), the driver Frederick Oldenburg, Accompanied by b Marisela “Chili” CantoThis was revealed for the first time in a history Xathlon A man and a woman will be crowned winners, and each will receive a grand prize of $ 200,000 in addition to the coveted trophy.

On the opening night, the contestants began the competition with a giant night ring to see which team would fit “La Fortaleza”, the most luxurious and comfortable home in the squares of Exatlón. Over the course of the two hours, they each passed a series of difficult water obstacles, with fire, steep slopes and other phrases along with an opponent from the opposite team to test their physical and mental abilities and achieve their first victory. At the end of the night, the Contendientes (Blue Team) won to take over La Fortaleza.

When is the first elimination?

On Sunday Jan 31 at 7 p.m. / 6 p.m. on Telemundo it was assumed that, Exatlón United States He will present his first dismissal on Sunday In an episode full of surprises after 24 contestants spent their first week of big and impressive challenges and challenges in the competition arenas, a few days of a heart attack as the team of competitors showed they had arrived with full force, but the Reds are certainly not ready to sit still.

But as in Exatlón United States Learning to expect the unexpected, on the first Sunday, Frederick Oldenburg announced that there would be no disqualifications, but instead the two teams would compete for a cash prize of $ 12,000 on the clay circuit. On this occasion, Famosos broke the Blues’ winning streak, won the victory and won the first prize in dollars for the competition on Infarction Day where Andrea Nereo She had a health accident and had to be treated by the production medical staff.

Fifth season of Exatlón United States He has 24 strong contestants, 12 new athletes plus 12 returnees for a second chance, as part of the famous team (red team) and rival team (blue team). They will face spectacular and impressive arenas and more nightly obstacles that will put their physical and mental skills to the test in their quest to win over $ 1M in prizes.

The audience will be able to enjoy full episodes from Exatlón United States Live from Tuesday, January 26th or you can catch up with the app Telemundo Available in Google Play Store And in Apple Store Visit him Telemundo.com.

Exatlón United StatesCreated by Acunmedya for Telemundo, it is an adrenaline-fueled program that seeks to find the participant with the strongest physical and mental capabilities through a series of obstacle courses, extreme living conditions and complete isolation from the rest of the world.

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