Extendable table from IKEA to create more space in your home

Extendable table from IKEA to create more space in your home

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. A clear example of this is Ikedaline extendable table, A perfect way to always be prepared in case the number of guests suddenly increases. It is also the ideal solution for small dining rooms or shared with other rooms, where we do not usually have many guests, but we want to use it at a certain time.

Tiny homes are becoming more and more popular too Decoration tricks We can put it into practice to make our bedroom look bright even though there are no big windows, the living room looks bigger without having to give up elegance or all our guests can sit at the table, without anyone having to sit at the kids table. A few tips that are always welcome because they help us with that Relax and enjoy the moment Don’t worry, they’re showing us Plan B.

Extendable table from Ikea for small homes. (courtesy / IKEA)

Familiar scenes Friends meetings or surprise guests They can completely derail our plans if we don’t have a few tricks up our sleeves. The first one we all know is It has a sofa bed. A piece of furniture that once stood out for being as uncomfortable a bed as a sofa has evolved, changed and improved over time, and the truth is that it is now surprisingly surprising to discover that there is a bed hidden behind the best sofa in your home.

the folding chairs It’s also one of the most practical things we can have in the home, and it’s an ideal choice to always have a place close at hand for all those present to sit. A more permanent version of this option We found it in the banks With internal storage space, which is useful during the day, and if necessary, we can use it to seat one or two more people.

Extendable table from Ikea for small homes. (courtesy / IKEA)

the extendable tables, Like the ones that matter to us today, they are yet another one of those necessities that will make our lives happier because, even if we don’t have guests who show up without warning, we can always use this simple trick to Sit around the table a little further away, Count with a larger hole in the middle to put food, cups and mugs, and even leave the breadbasket and water jug, without having to get Side table or functional trolley On wheels, which has also become an indispensable item in many homes.

Although it can be found in more colors in the Ikea catalog, when dining room dimensions are an issue, White is a safe option. This tone makes the table take up less visual space, since it is usually the same as the walls, an anti-stress color that will also help us on a daily basis. Also, white is the color that enhances the light in the room, So without realizing it, we will make the room look better lit.

Extendable table from Ikea for small homes. (courtesy / IKEA)

Closed, this table 120 cm in size, Stretches up to 180cm once stretched to its maximum capacity. The system for doing it is so simple that one person can do it on their own, and the piece used remains in the extension collected under the table When folded, so as not to take up space. The legs are separated, and the board is placed on the space that appeared and Fixed with a safety system, To avoid problems, the same system is used in reverse to close it.

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IKEA offers us a simple, elegant and fun solution to a problem that can be a major concern. For €200 we can have a table for up to eight people to sit around and enjoy Comfortably from a sumptuous dinner.

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