Fabian Cueto talks about US favoritism and the reason behind the absence of Jerry Bengtson-Diez

Fabian Cueto talks about US favoritism and the reason behind the absence of Jerry Bengtson-Diez

Technical Director of Honduras national teamAnd the Fabian Cueto, He appeared in a press conference on Zoom and announced before the flight that the “H” will take place next Monday at the hour United State To face The last four from Nations League.

In it, he was a South American and former technician in U-23 years from Uruguay He mentioned why he was not summoned Jerry Bengtson For this tournament and for the friendly match against Mexico, in which you will be playing Atlanta. As well as that, Fabian Cueto Talk about the importance of that Albert Ellis Gives the national team.

I admit it United State He is a favorite in this duel but anything can happen. He was also asked again about Danny Acosta, With whom the footballer has yet to decide whether or not to play with him Honduras. He did not close the doors, but it is a topic that he no longer attaches much importance to.

Fabienne Quito conference:

The danger of the United States of America: “I think the level of the teams, the relationship between these footballers, there is a place where we must become strong in collective expression and know the general concepts that deal with some footballers and on time with the least possible expression and we have to be clear about what we are going to do offensively and defensively. We still have four soccer players but we have done well. In general, this is information and monitoring of the opponent, seeing their behavior as a team and paying attention to their personalities. “

What Honduras looking for in Final Four: “In various aspects, whenever the national team presents itself, apart from looking for a sporting result, we also talk about it with football players, we are looking for two factors: the image of the national team and its performance. In an effort to get them to generate or integrate a process that we want to introduce to the national team. This is.” The image is important for the benefit of the footballer and soccer player in Honduras and for the football players in Honduras to gain value. There are more things than just the sporting result. We are clear about the opponent’s potential but we want a good result to reach the final. “

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Left back Dani Acosta has yet to confirm whether he will play Honduras.

Useful if USA preferred: “This is another factor, I don’t know if he plays for or against, the level of the team is presented by football players, one of them supports in collecting proposals and transmitting them to the football player, you think we can get a good result there are football players from them in big teams in “One of the things we are excited about is that we do not know what will happen. Nobody knows what will happen. The favoritism of the United States is clear because of the quality of its players.”

USA players level: “I don’t want to say, it is the footballers who make decisions the moment the game starts, all of the above is a collaborative work that conveys the way and the idea of ​​play. In the end, this decision-making is through the decisions they will make. The game Our soccer players reached a good level and had a good season. As for the players from Europe, Rivas had a good season, Luzano and Ellis played in their teams and scored their goals, but Rubio did not. Their participation diminished due to a health problem, but they arrived well, Those in the local environment are thinking about next season. We are in good shape, and in good health from my point of view, only Mylor Nunez lost due to injury. “

Don’t look at the stats: “My sleep didn’t take away that they couldn’t win these last four matches, but they left positive things even with negative results.”

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Theme by Danny Acosta: “It was never left aside. This issue has not been resolved but at the moment it is not an issue that concerns me, it is not left aside, but I think the national team is above anyone and coach. I would have liked Danny was decided to participate with us, but the choice is above everything, either.” We can rely on him or not, it is not that it will be the solution, we must choose, he is playing in a competitive league. He will give us a big hand, but if not, then there are other players and we will continue to work. “

The Gold Cup will be in preparation for the match: “Today at breakfast I was talking with some of the players from the Gold Cup. We will beat the teams before the start of the season. What I want is that in September there will be good preparation and competition, which is necessary to get to a good rhythm important. These windows that we had are very good. These are roughly preparations for September. I hope the Gold Cup is an enhancement for all we have, it requires a lot due to the quality of the teams, it will be good for us. These are matches. The soccer player needs to request it. “

In the absence of Mylor Nunez, Kevin Alvarez appears as a starter on the right side.

Albirth Ellis position: “I try to have a frank dialogue with the football players. He has already played Albrith once in the attacking position. It depends on the opponent and the request, when he plays for the winger it becomes easier for him to control that match. In these matches he is comfortable, I will not say it (in which position) “He will play) it will be information for the opposing team, and we will also take precautions. For sure, he is a player to study from the opponent. There are variables, from playing on the wings or through the middle, in those situations that we consider Albrith.”

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Jerry Bengtsson absence: “I respect Jerry a lot while he is under study, we decided to give more space to these forwards, and Jerry was also ending a long and full year of vitality and we thought it was advisable not to consider it, but that included the footballers by selection, until the last minute, not only for his goals, but For the experience that he brings to the team, because regardless of the league, scoring goals is a gift and we do not deprive ourselves of this kind of footballer. We think about the situation of the players and we decided to rest and prepare for what is coming. “

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