King's Cup 2024: This is how its champions take care of their health | Brand – Telva

King's Cup 2024: This is how its champions take care of their health |  Brand – Telva

Real Madrid, UCAM Murcia, Valencia Basket, Dreamland Gran Canaria, Barcelona, ​​Baxi Manresa and Tenerife Lenovo are the teams that will compete for the title. Valencia Basket's Victor Claver and Unicaja's Jonathan Barreiro show us how they prepare for the matches.

The Valencia Basket striker comments on the routine the players perform to be at the highest level. “We hold daily training sessions with the team, which usually last between an hour and an hour and a half. As match day approaches, this training session becomes shorter.. In addition to working out on the track, we also spend time in the gym, which changes every day but on an individual basis. We also do video sessions.”

Jonathan Barreiro often uses meditation to control his nerves during competitions.

The King's Cup is a tournament in which many matches are played in a few days. In these intensive focuses, players have the support of doctors, nutritionists and physical therapists who are available 24 hours a day for the athlete who needs it. this year, Quironsalud It is the official medical provider of the tournament.

Comfort and nutrition

Sleeping well and resting is essential to recover from the match and reach a good level to play the next match. Jonathan and Victor usually have no problems sleeping. Victor usually goes to bed around 10:30pm and Jonathan around 11:45pm. This does not happen after the meeting. “I usually keep analyzing the game, and if we are away and arriving late, when I get home, I usually watch a recap of the game, reviewing the plays I was involved in or that we rehearsed,” says Victor Claver. Jonathan Barreiro, with the stress of the game, usually doesn't sleep before 1:30 a.m., and to control his nerves he usually uses meditation.

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Moisturizing and nourishing It is also necessary to perform well in these tournaments Managed by each player individually. Claver usually has eggs or toast with avocado for breakfast if he's at a hotel. If you're at home, opt for a bowl of oats, bananas, and cinnamon. Jonathan Barreiro never eats breakfast on game day. After the meeting, he usually eats pasta, vegetables, legumes and fish.

In terms of hydration, Claver drinks a glass or two of water in the morning before training. Whether in training or during matches Alternate water with isotonic drinks or gels. In this aspect, each player moisturizes according to his taste.

Claver's breakfast usually consists of toast with avocado or a bowl of oatmeal, banana, and cinnamon.

All players are closely monitored by doctors, physiotherapists and nutritionists. Psychological support is also part of their preparations, as they must manage the stress that arises, especially in important matches.

psychological support

Throughout his career, Players suffer from injuries that affect not only their physical aspect, but also their mental state. The Valencia Basketball player underwent knee surgery in 2017. On a professional level, it was the most difficult moment in his career. “I spent the whole summer recovering and when the new season started I lacked motivation and I asked for psychological support which helped me a lot. To this day, I continue to work with the specialist who is also a former player. Whether I am sick or well, their help is very positive. In the case of the Unicaja player, The injury was to the meniscus. “The rehabilitation process was difficult and demanding because you want to recover as quickly as possible. It was months of learning as my family supported me. “It's exciting when you step on the pitch again because you feel like you've achieved it,” says the Unicaja de Málaga striker. Quirónsalud Hospital Malaga As an official medical service.

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Both players feel proud to dedicate themselves to the sport, and it has not been difficult for them to adapt to the sacrifices involved in the life of an elite athlete. They face the Copa del Rey with enthusiasm, although they stress how difficult the tournament is, as there are so many matches to be played in a few days. The Valencia Basket player, who holds the qualifications, says: “Competition such as the King’s Cup is very intense, so we follow the instructions given to us by the specialists to be at the best level.” Quirónsalud Valencia Hospital As a healthcare partner for the team.

Players receive 24-hour care from physiotherapists, doctors and nutritionists. For Barreiro, “The work on this tournament started in the pre-season, which is why we arrived so well at the event. “We are ready and raring to have fun.”

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