Facebook and Instagram block Bolsonaro’s weekly broadcast to link AIDS with the Covid vaccine | international

Facebook and Instagram block Bolsonaro’s weekly broadcast to link AIDS with the Covid vaccine |  international
Screenshot from President Bolsonaro’s live broadcast that has been blocked by Facebook and Instagram.

Since he is the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro has an appointment with netizens every Thursday at seven in the evening. For more than an hour he appeared live through various social networks to be included Government Achievements, chat with ministers about projects, publish some half-truths or lies, and address and stir up controversies of all kinds. Ban Facebook and Instagram on Sunday night He lives The 21-year-old president linked immunization against COVID-19 and AIDS. According to a California spokesperson, “our policies do not allow claims that COVID-19 vaccines kill or cause serious harm to people.” YouTube, which is affiliated with Google, joined in at night by deactivating the video.

The Brazilian echoed an old conspiracy theory that, like everyone else, comes and goes with some variation. Before he even started reading a snippet, Bolsonaro was well aware that he was entering a swampy area, as he explained to those who saw him live: “I will only publish the news. I will not comment on it because I have already said it in the past and been heavily criticized. Official British government reports indicate Those who have been fully vaccinated develop AIDS 15 days after the second dose. Read this news. I will not read it here because I may have problems with the live broadcast,” he stated, according to the Efe transcript. A false claim denied by the British government. Bolsonaro on Monday blamed the blockade on the Brazilian publication from which he obtained the original fake news.

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Starting Tuesday, the Senate will vote on the final report of the investigative committee that will do so accused of crimes against humanity for its management of the epidemic.

Although Bolsonaro is one of very few world leaders who continues this rhetoric that oscillates between denial and skepticism about the pandemic, in the chapter on immunization, his countrymen pay little attention to him, including the rebellious Bolsonaro. The president assumed he had not been vaccinated, which prevented him from entering a stadium in Brazil but not at the UN General Assembly. However, more than half of adults in this country of 210 million people received both doses; and the first 74%.

On Monday, the hour and 12 minutes of the banned video in which he appeared in his shirt sleeves with a sign language interpreter could no longer be seen on Facebook or Instagram, but remained visible almost all day on YouTube. Since Thursday, only that network has had nearly 210,000 views and 3,500 comments.

Donald Trump, the former president of the United States and for Bolsonaro was the greatest model in politics He was kicked out last June from Facebook and Instagram To encourage a violent attack on the Capitol. It’s a two-year veto. After that, the Brazilian raised doubts for months about the vote counting in the current electronic ballot box system.

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Social networks were a decisive factor in Bolsonaro’s unexpected electoral victory three years ago, and continue to play a major role in building the information galaxy in which the hard core of Bolsonaristas, millions of Brazilians live, and the millions of Brazilians who, despite the 600,000 deaths from the pandemic, the increase in poverty and expectations that the country It will go into recession in 2022.

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