The National Human Rights Council is investigating the Nuevo Laredo massacre and the alleged violation of the human rights of the victims

The National Human Rights Council is investigating the Nuevo Laredo massacre and the alleged violation of the human rights of the victims
After the explosions, several people left the area.

The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) started a Ex officio complaint by Massacre in Nuevo LaredoTamaulipas, where elements of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedna) killed half a dozen young men driving a pickup truck.

It was Sunday, February 26, when six civilians were intercepted by members of Sedena as they strolled into Manuel Cavazos Lerma’s neighborhood after leaving a nightclub in the city. Initial reports indicated that the uniformed officers used their firearms against the youths, which is why they did so Five of them died And only one managed to survive.

The pick-up truck is a white Chevrolet Silverado brand, He received more than twenty shots When he was on the Huasteca y Méndez crossing. Neighbors from the area who witnessed the events said that two young men were shot in the back of the head while they were lying on the sidewalk.

The above has caused discontent to many of the inhabitants of the aforementioned colony, ever since The victims were not armed Thus, they indicated that there were no reasons for the authorities to arbitrarily take their lives.

The truck in which the victims were traveling received about twenty shots (Photo: REUTERS/Jacel Rubio)

It is for this reason that the NHRC accused Sedna of the alleged crime Human rights violations From young people, so that they contacted the concerned authorities and the relatives of the victims to clarify the facts and provide them with legal advice if they requested it.

“This independent constitutional body Investigative work will be carried out Which the law declares with all seriousness and responsibility, as it did in other media cases. And when it has all the necessary elements, the relevant pronouncements will be issued.”

The National Council for Human Rights also called on NGOs, activists, and the media that reported what happened to “avoid generating misleading information by publishing unconfirmed statements and unofficial copies.” This is because many local reports indicated that the victims were alleged members of a criminal organizationwhich has not been confirmed.

Even the relatives of the five people who lost their lives confirmed that the youth was innocent, and charged that it was for their own sake Abuse of power. The only survivor was reported to be still in a serious condition.

Residents of Nuevo Laredo clashed with elements of Sedena after the killing of five youths (Photo: REUTERS/Jasiel Rubio)

After the events took place, the relatives of the victims and the people of the area They clashed with elements of SedenaWhile they were trying to remove the truck in which the civilians were traveling. The confrontation was recorded in several videos that were circulated on social media.

Audio-visual clips show an angry mob (young and old) throwing rocks at Sedena units. Several residents were heard saying, “We will get them out of control.” The struggles and screams continued for a few even moments The soldiers detonated their firearms.

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Because of the shots in the air, the residents of Manuel Cavazos Lerma’s neighborhood began to disperse, until they finally arrived. Elements withdrew from Sedena. During these actions, a reporter who was covering what happened accused the authorities of attacking him with an immobilizing device.

He was also among the people attacked by the military Raymond RamosPresident of the Human Rights Commission of Nuevo Laredo, who announced the identity of the five young men who died, who responded by the names of Gustavo Pérez Pereles, Wilberto Mata Estrada, Jonathan Aguilar Sanchez, Gustavo Angel Suárez Castillo (of American origin) and Alejandro Trujillo Rocha.

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