Facundo Campazzo and the illusion of being the NBA champion

Facundo Campazzo and the illusion of being the NBA champion

Facundo Campazzo is enjoying his vacation in Argentina. After an intense season in the NBA and participation in the OlympicsAl-Qaeda returned to his country after two years. During his break, he was interviewed on black box, talk show from Velo News. “I would like to win the NBA title, but it is very difficult. It is a dream, a fantasy, but I choose to believe I can make it happen. “I’m on a team that can fight important things,” Kordovan said.

The Argentine averaged 6.1 points and 3.6 assists in 65 games he played in his first regular season with the Denver Nuggets and improved those stats to 9.3 points and 4.1 assists in the playoffs. The Nuggets will start their 2021-2022 season on October 20 against the Phoenix Suns, specifically the team that eliminated them last season.

Campazzo goes back a bit in time and remembers how he got his start in the NBA. “Often you don’t take dimensions of where you are. I dropped the chip when I put on my first training shirt. I looked at it and it had Nujggets, 7 and my family’s name on it behind it. This is where I thought “I, I’ve arrived”. Then the days passed and I started to naturalize her. In the early days I saw everything wider. Later I got used to the dynamics and routine. I don’t take distance from where I am. I try not to think so as not to lose focus and try to live from day to day.”

Before coming to the Nuggets, Campazzo shone at Real Madrid and emerged as one of the best point keepers in Europe. In fact, he expanded his relationship with the Spanish club and that seemed to diminish his chances of getting into the best league in the world. “When I signed for 5 years with Real Madrid, I thought it was the contract of my life, that he was already there. But I realized I couldn’t live thinking I didn’t try. I talked about it with my partner, with my family and those closest and I decided to try to fulfill a dream. It was a recent dream because before it was just a fantasy.”

And when it comes to fantasy, Facu, who used to play Play Station with his NBA stars, one day found himself using his animations in a video game. “My players in the play are terrible. He wanted to play with me, do more things, but I didn’t give him the level. Perhaps this is the reality. I canceled the game because I’m connected to the NBA all day and every day: I compete, I watch videos, I analyze my opponents, I travel, and then, to go home, it seemed unfair to my family to play basketball in a run.”

While Facu was enjoying his first campaign in the United States, Córodoba Municipal Club, where the base began in the sport, decided to name its stadium Facundo Campazzo. “It’s hard to believe and internalize. With my friends from the neighborhood we always go there and have memories of playing there together. I’ll put everyone’s name on it. It’s a pride, I can’t take dimensions. I say because I’m not used to that kind of thing,” Kordofan said.

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Campazzo’s extensive season ended with pungent taste at the Tokyo Olympics. The Argentine national team, which won the world runner-up in 2019, did not show the same level of play and was eliminated in the quarter-finals with only one win and 3 defeats. “We compared ourselves a lot to what we did in China and it wasn’t good. Maybe we relaxed. Individually we are better players, we all grew up after a couple of years, but we lacked the ability to join as a team and that gives you preparation, that was not good once. It was difficult. Very much we have to find our match in the tournament and the competitors were also at a higher level”, according to Campazzo’s analysis.

It’s a time for rest, reunion and family fun for Facu, who will soon have to return to Denver for his second season in elite basketball.

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