Fake inspector arrested for fraud at Havana Fair

Fake inspector arrested for fraud at Havana Fair

Havana police have arrested a fake inspector who defrauded her victims at a trade show. She always came to the same place wearing the uniform of the Inspectorate of the Cuban capital. His modus operandi was to demand a lot of money from the fair attendees in the municipality of Marianao.

Thus, their victims avoid virtual fines and are also supposed to report them to higher authorities. Faced with these threats, the sellers immediately decided to give the money to the fake inspector.

The Regional Inspection Directorate in Havana, through its official spokesman, published it on the social networking site Facebook Identity of the detainee.

This is a questionable fact and was criticized by many users of the aforementioned digital platform, taking into account that the accused has not yet been tried. His identity card was even unofficially revealed.

Fake jacket

The Inspection Directorate discovered that the woman now detained in the Marianao gallery herself was wearing a fake jacket.

The item of clothing was originally from a transport inspector, bearing the inscription “Inspectora DIS PROVINCIAL”. The Directorate of Comprehensive Supervision (DIS) has ceased to exist since 2021.

A memorandum from the Regional Inspection Directorate reveals what happened. “Through quick joint action with the PNR, the citizen was transferred to the 6th Police Station in Marianao.

There, complaint No. 99090/23 was submitted for the crime of usurping public functions stipulated in Article 19 of the Penal Code.

But this is not the only case involving false inspectors. Last July, police arrested a man who pretended to be an employee in the governorate's Comprehensive Directorate of Control and Supervision.

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The Municipal Assembly of Central Havana revealed that he was discovered with false identity documents and fraudulent behavior.

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