Questions that bothered the Minister of Security

Questions that bothered the Minister of Security

One of the questions concerns the official’s relationship with the government of Ilias Antonio Saca

The new security minister, Gustavo Filatoro, faced at least three uncomfortable moments when two journalists asked him three questions related to a decision he made as a supervisor of the financial system regarding money laundering, his past as a SACA government official, and whether it was related. With Herbert Saca.

1. His past is related to the management of SACA
On the issue of his association with the government of Elias Antonio Saca and how he will respond to citizens who express their lack of confidence in light of the fact that the former president is imprisoned today for acts of corruption. “What confidence will you create in the population?” The journalist wrapped up in a TV news release.

Filatoro replied, “Your question is a bit speculative,” but later argued that there is freedom of speech and anyone can express what they want as long as it does not limit a crime, but this “comes to speculate that if I worked or if I was, I can guarantee that I was But it was always from an outstanding technical point of view, and the proof of this is that I am here, not in Sector Nine (of Mariona Prison). “

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In the ninth sector of La Esperanza Prison, known as Mariona, Saca and other former officials are being held serving their sentences for corruption offenses.

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2. Your notes and money laundering
When asked by a journalist why, while he was overseeing the financial system, he issued a memorandum “in which he ordered banks not to close the accounts of people associated with money laundering and how this would help in combating this crime.”

Filatoro replied that the issue was “wrongly handled” and that “there was never an intention to promote money laundering, but rather we are clear about how to make laws and work more efficient to reduce the money flowing as a result of illegal activities.”

As a supervisor, Filatoro signed a memorandum calling on financial institutions not to close or prevent accounts from being opened to people suspected of or who have been investigated for money laundering or terrorism-related crimes, but who have not been convicted.

Speaking to El Diario de Hoy, at the time, Villatoro said the purpose of this new institution was to be able to monitor these people who are under investigation.

Yesterday, he said, “Banks have never been told to open an account for anyone to get a picture that you put or want to put on the front page. We know how to cut off the flow of money to fund illegal activities”.

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3. Do you maintain ties with Herbert Saka?

The journalist also asked him if he had anything to do with Herbert Saca, who is considered a political factor still in the shadows and has been associated with the governments of Elias Antonio Saca and Mauricio Funes.
“I would have asked Hector Silva to come and ask me the question,” replied the minister to La Prensa Gráfica.
The journalist replied: I do not know him.
“Oh no, it’s okay,” said Villatoro with a smile.
He continued: “The work has always been technical, and I know that there are a lot of phantom sellers, but they will realize through the work that we will do that we will leave all our experience and our momentum to achieve justice and security to the country.”
But then, ironically, “These guys always want to take him to the mud. They didn’t put me here to discuss what Hector Silva or anyone he wanted to do about me … I’ve always been able to do things to sleep peacefully.”

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4. What happened to Rogelio Rivas? Withdraw?
Villatoro was also asked what happened to Rogelio Rivas, the former Minister of Justice and Security, why he was removed from his position or if he had resigned.
Filatoro did not clarify this suspicion.

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