Famous House: This week’s schedule on Telemundo | Judgment and Judgment | Fame

Famous House: This week’s schedule on Telemundo |  Judgment and Judgment |  Fame

“It is the new reality show that Telemundo aired on August 24, in which 15 celebrities from different countries are forced to live under one roof, unable to communicate with the outside world. Each week, participants reveal their most intimate side as they try to survive Life in order to reach the final and win.

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In the same style as “Big Brother”, the participants in They will be watched at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Everything they do will be recorded by the lenses of more than 50 cameras and 60 microphones.

It is broadcast by Telemundo, although the show can also be followed live online. In the program we will see the participation of important personalities from the medium such as Gabriela Spanic, Pablo Monteiro, Kimberly Flores, Tifi Valenzuela, among others. Here we tell you what the schedule is for this week and how to see it.

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“La casa de los celebrities” was shown last Tuesday 24th August on Telemundo (Image: Telemundo)

How and when do you see “Celebrity House”?

“La Casa de los Famosos” airs Monday through Friday at 7:00 PM (Eastern time) on Telemundo in the US.

In addition, through the official Telemundo page, users can follow LIVE and LIVE every detail of “The House of Famous” thanks to the continuous transmission of four cameras installed in the house.

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Who are the participants in “LA CASA DE LOS FAMOSOS”?

The participants in “La Casa de los Famosos” are: Tefi Valenzuela, Celia Lora, Pablo Montero, Anahí Izali, Kimberly Flores, Kelvin Renteria, Jorge Aravena, Daniel Vargas, Gisella Aboumrad, Verónica Montes, Gaby Spanic, Christian de la Campa, Orel Del Toro, Roberto Romano, Christina Eustace and Alicia Machado.

“La Casa de los Famosos” celebrities will be seen at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, they would not be able to communicate with the outside world.

The reality show Telemundo premiered on Tuesday 24 August and is hosted by Hector Sandarte.


A few days after the premiere of “The House of the Famous”, the Peruvian singer Stefani Valenzuela Forma was sentenced. That’s why Tefi asked her followers not to vote for her because she doesn’t want to continue competing and show why she won the reality show.

“Friends, do not vote for me. Remember that the person with the most votes comes from the famous house,” the singer wrote via her Instagram account, which at the beginning of the month was very excited to be able to enter the reality show Telemundo.

“I want to ask for your support to get out of this nomination. It was really difficult to be the number one candidate, because I think being here is a blessing. I love this project and every one of my colleagues,” he added.

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