FC Juarez vs Toluca, Summary and Objectives J1 Aberdura 2021

FC Juarez vs Toluca, Summary and Objectives J1 Aberdura 2021

Mexico City /

Everything and with a purpose Rubens Sambuvesa, Red Devils Toluca They ruined the introduction Ricardo “Duga” Ferretti With FC Jurassic In Opening 2021, All in one fight, suspended for more than 20 minutes due to goals, missed penalties and electric storm warning.

The first goal of the game came as a defender 6 minutes later Harret Ortega He appeared in the area and made it 0-1 in favor of the Scarlett with a title. With the advantage, the Scarletts took the game and were fined in favor 16 minutes after the VAR informed the referee George Isaac Roses A milestone in the region.

That’s an opportunity Alexis Canello, Current scorer champion. However, the striker goalkeeper threw a shot from mid-height Carlos Felipe Rodriguez He stopped encouraging his teammates.

Then came Competitive suspension About 20 minutes due to thunderstorm warning.

The courage of Juarez Thanks for responding and more Martin Calvan’s best goal Got 1-1. The Mexican striker picked up the magic and without a personal play and a shooting angle he got both locals.

But Demons It was very effective and they scored two goals in the second half, with a well-aimed penalty on the first Rubens Sambuvesa, After a handful from Garcia as Spanish.

When the time for the stopwatch was almost over, a counter-attack came from Toluca, which ended with a personal drama. Canello The Devils unleashed further anger to get a 1-3 lead on the bench Duga Ferretti His new stage starts off the bench Tigers.

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