FeBAMBA unanimously approved its balance and adequacy of the platform

FeBAMBA unanimously approved its balance and adequacy of the platform

The Buenos Aires Metropolitan District Basketball Association held its Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly, with the unanimous approval of 77 members from its fiscal year 2021 financial statements, as well as the adequacy of the Statutes of the Association in accordance with CAB and FIBA ​​guidelines.

The unity and participation of Al-Ittihad clubs was demonstrated. I am very pleased to see that this business that we started in 2010 continues to flourish with wide participation. Our working group has already spread to many places in the interior, and that is what makes us proud.”said Fabian Porro, president of the Argentine Basketball Association.

For his part, Emilio Menendez, President of FeBAMBA, noted: “It was the conclusion of an important work that has been done across the federation. FeBAMBA is one of the first federations to adapt the new federation guidelines, which in turn have to do with what the FIBA ​​is asking. proportional and in a democratic way on a large scale. This ensures that the work of the leaders of each club is strengthened. This will be reflected in the participation of the geographical regions “. And added: “It was an adaptation that we lacked in relation to previous years. Besides discussing issues in district and council meetings, unity was reflected in the wide attendance and collective support.”

“It is important that it be unanimously approved because it is a support for the management, it shows the support of the clubs and the unity of everyone who is part of FeBAMBA. Adapting the platform to the new regulations is a very important step, it is considering new situations and it includes aspects such as gender parity or inclusive language, It highlights the mission and vision of issues we have already worked on in our union.”noted Silvia Ezzo, Vibamba Treasurer.

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Finally, Graciela Spiazzi, pro-FeBAMBA Secretary and AFMB Chair, noted the work between FeBAMBA and AFMB on gender issues and joint projects. “The Women’s Association has worked hard in integrating gender equality into the competition. The path we are going is the right one, with equal and inclusive offer across all FeBAMBA clubs. Hopefully soon it will spread across the country. I’m celebrating this moment with all my colleagues; it’s the first expected Association.” After the pandemic it is a pleasure to see everyone in this place.”

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