Fenpruss, Confusam and Cabildo Salud un Derecho make a call to the CC to “improve material on the right to health”

Fenpruss, Confusam and Cabildo Salud un Derecho make a call to the CC to “improve material on the right to health”

During the morning of Sunday, April 17, the National Association of Health Service Collegiate Professionals Follow Favoritea national trade union organization for municipal primary health care workers (Confused) and the Cabildo “Health is right” He made a traditional call to “Improving articles on the right to health”.

Since the agreement was installed, the group that unites these three organizations, called the Common Axis, Various initiatives have been introduced to standardize the right to health With the support of more than 52,000 citizens and the support of 50 social organizations in Chile.

“We consider that there are structural clauses in this article that must be defended before the plenary and then before the citizens. Without these clauses, the proposal will lack depth necessary to guarantee the right to health,” they noted.

In this way, the main mods they seek to incorporate are: Proving that the right to health is a social human right And not only as a right of the people. Create a The national health system should be the responsibility of the state; That the principles of the system Consistent with those of Social Security; And finally, the medical practices of indigenous peoples It must be linked to the system.

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In this context, they point out from organizations that they value “the work of the traditional and the exhaustion that befalls them at this point in the process, But we invite you not to stop listening Her people are in the streets.

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“For us, it is very important that the plenary receive this text and appreciate what is being proposed for Chile (…) We have worked hard so that what we have proposed will be considered.”Confusam president, Gabriela Flores, noted.

Similarly, the president of Fenpruss, Aldo Santibáñez, issued a call to “not fall into the game and the lies that were installed at the conference and give A brave step to give Chile a national health system.”

Relevant item It will be discussed in the plenary session of the Constitutional Conference during the week.

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