FIFA 21 Team of the Year: Where’s Messi?

FIFA 21 Team of the Year: Where’s Messi?

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

EA has announced which players will receive the much awaited TOTY card for this year’s release, and based on the response of fans, it appears that there is some discontent among the crowd. The reason is none other than the absence of a key player, but before revealing the missing, it is best to take a look and see the squad for yourself:

  • Neurology Handbook
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold
  • Virgil Van Dyck
  • Sergio Ramos
  • Alphonso Davies
  • Kevin De Bruyne
  • Joshua Kimmish
  • Bruno Fernandez
  • Cristiano Ronaldo [98]
  • Robert Lewandowski [98]
  • Kylian Mbappe [97]

FIFA 21 Totti

Where is Messi?


You can miss another goalkeeper or a strange midfielder, but if there is an apparent absence it is nothing more and no less than Leo Messi. And the Argentine star went out of the final selection, with the strikers Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Levandosi and Kylian Mbappe chosen.

Cristiano recently achieved the highest goalscorer in football history, and Lewandowski was awarded the final version of the Ballon d’Or. However, Mbappe did not have a great year like the rest, and it can even be said that Neymar was way more superior than him in 2020. Not to mention Messi.

Users ask Messi

According to many users, Mbappé does not deserve to be on the TOTY list, given that Messi has had a better balance throughout 2020 than the French star. Given that he is a critical player and with these good characteristics, it is certain that more than one raised his team to integrate Messi of the year as soon as he became available, so the announcement must have disabled more than one plan of a teacher.

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License and advertising agreements?

There are users who are so annoyed with the decision to exclude Messi, that some say that EA’s decision to place Mbappe in the Ameli squad is simply due to the fact that he is the cover of the game, since due to advertising issues, they cannot allow the level to drop. Popularity of the player in the game.

Obviously, we are talking about theories without any foundation, which do nothing but show the tense atmosphere that exists within the Ultimate Team universe.

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