Final: Celta Zorca and La Corda de Paterna will fight for a magical promotion

Final: Celta Zorca and La Corda de Paterna will fight for a magical promotion

They faced semi-finalists conceding favorites to their rivals and did not do so poorly in this round as both Celta Zorca Recalvi and La Corda de Paterna were able to defeat Vantage Towers Alcobendas and Recoletas Zamora who saw a cut on the way to promotion. . In this way, the Galician team will choose to return to LF Endesa after 11 years and against La Cordà de Paterna who will choose promotion led by the great Itziar German.

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It was a tight match and with the nerve of someone playing for a place in the final, but both Celta Zorca Riccalvi and La Corda de Paterna were able to impose their style of play to dominate their games through management and privately. , than an outdoor game that completely smashed their competitors. In this way, they will both fight for promotion on Sunday afternoon, and whatever happens, it will be historic.

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Vantage Towers Alcobendas vs Celta Zorca Riccalvi (71-80) / statistics

An overwhelming foreign success puts the host to an end

The start of the match was not comfortable for Celta Zorka Riccalvi, who struggled to get into the game. A condition resulting from the typical nerves of a host in a promotion battle which, in his case, were heightened by both the youth of the group and the good approach of Vantage Towers Alcobendas who knew how to play his cards. Because the madridines showed a high level of defense combined with good movement of the ball in attack, with Rachel Howard leading the operations. In this way, the ‘home’ side came to enjoy a maximum income of 11 points which they flirted with up to three times against Celta’s Zorca Ricalvi who unleashed emotional heft as the minutes went by to stay in the game throughout. In this way, the equalizer shown on the scoreboard in the first half would be the main morale boost for the Galicians facing the second half as they could not only maintain their overseas success but also improve their percentages. Until they reached 15 triples (15/25) with Anne Senosiain as the kicker with 6 consecutive goals in practice (6/7). A level of success completely ended the winning chances of Vantage Towers who said goodbye to fight for promotion. The final honking confirmed Cristina Cantillo’s team victory and the crowd turned to their players (71-80).

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Recoletas Zamora – La Corda de Paterna (56-70) / statistics

And they La Corda de Paterna nullifies Zamora’s lack of ideas Recoletas

Corda de Paterna reached the Final Four after defeating Joventut de Badalona at home and that element appeared to be a motivating factor for Gloria Estupa’s men. And it is that from the first minute of the match, the Valencia team made its intentions clear on the floors of the Navya Parque. A struggle they reached without two main pillars like Awa Fam and Elena Buenavida, but in which the incombustible Itziar Germán put everything on her part to mark the way forward. In this way, La Cordà de Paterna entered the first break with a lead of 10 points, giving the first emotional blow of the match. Some disagreements that the Zamoranos tried to quell during the second quarter Valencia’s defense paid off, knocking Ezegbo out of the hoops and causing the Zamorano’s team to run out of possessions. That was, at the beginning of the third quarter, when things looked complicated for Ricardo Vasconcelos’ team, as their opponents led by 8 points and their inner star diminished due to a sprained ankle in the final action of the first half. But Recoletas Zamora did not disintegrate, showing pride and taking advantage of the courage of Issa Latorre to come close again in the electronic match with 5 minutes remaining. Everything seemed to start over, but once again the good work of the women of Valencia, led by the youngest on this occasion, gave the desired results. Because between La Manna and Moreau they were able to score up to 43 points to make the most of their pass to the final (56-70).

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LF Challenge – Final Four:

Semi-final rounds:
– Recoletas Zamora vs La Corda de Paterna (56-70) | best player: En Moro – 29 Val.
– Vantage Towers Alcobendas vs Celta Zorca Riccalvi (71-80) | best player: C. Rodríguez – 23 val.

– La Corda de Paterna vs Celta Zorca Riccalvi (D-5:30pm) | Twitch ESP Basketball

LF Challenge – Quarterfinals:

Quarter-finals – first leg:
Alter Enerson Kazari vs Celta Zorca Riccalvi (53-57 / +4 CZR) | best player: E Garvilla – 22 Val.
– Oasis Construsion Ardoi v. Recoletas Zamora (59-67 / +8 sign) | best player: N. Ezeigbo – 36 Val.
CAB Estepona JCDS vs Vantage Towers (67-62 / +5 CAB) | best player: A. Pocek – 27 val.
– La Corda de Paterna vs Juventut Badalona (53-57 / +4 CJB) | best player: M. Davydova – 23 Val.

Quarter-finals – second leg:
– Recoletas Zamora v. Oasis Construcion Ardoi (69-36) | best player: Antique – 24 Val.
– Juventut Badalona vs La Corda de Paterna (58-70) | best player: M. Davydova – 22 Val
Celta Zorka Riccalvi vs Alter Enerson Algazeres (55-51) | Best player: Mohamed Musa – 27 Fal.
– Vantage Towers Alcobendas vs CAB Estepona JCDS (94-73) |best player: Howard – 30 Val.

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