Intercepting a Dominican group near Key Biscayne in Miami |

Intercepting a Dominican group near Key Biscayne in Miami |

The Dominicans belong to thirteen immigrants from China, Ecuador, Cuba and Jamaica.

Miami, April 29. Thirteen immigrants from China, Ecuador, Cuba, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic were intercepted this Saturday on a boat near Key Biscayne (Key Biscayne), an island linked to Miami by bridges, the Border Patrol reported.

In a message posted to the Twitter account of Border Patrol Miami Division Chief Walter Slussar, this interception was only reported as a response to a people “smuggling ring.”

The letter indicates that the case is under investigation.

In the same account, another “smuggling ring” was reported by sea on Friday that was discovered and ended with the arrest of four Iraqi nationals near Miami Beach.

For its part, the Immigration Detention and Removal Operations Division of the US Immigration Agency published a “clear letter” indicating that a Cuban or Haitian was intercepted by sea when trying to enter the United States.

Last week, the US government announced new immigration policy measures affecting citizens of South and Central American countries, including a family reunification visa for Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

The announcements are part of several measures the US executive will implement to try to reduce the number of immigrants expected to move toward its border with Mexico starting May 11, when Title 42, an immigration law that allows expedited removal, was suspended.

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