Final: It is up to Honduras or Canada to qualify for the Olympic 2-1 win over Haiti before Selekta.

Final: It is up to Honduras or Canada to qualify for the Olympic 2-1 win over Haiti before Selekta.

The pre-Olympic selection provided some rotation in its starting line-up for the final match of the group stage against Haiti and a significant victory for the collective spirit, but it remains to be determined whether or not they qualified.

The Select under-23s from El Salvador Conflict faces the Olympic team stage at the Jalisco Stadium in Guadalajara this Thursday Haiti. All that Selecta need is a three-goal difference or more different wins, as well as the hope that Honduras and Canada did not draw in the basic game of the day.

Victory, Fall and Prayer: The Slogan of the Pre-Olympic Exam and the Semi-Final Dream

List of Salvador-American coaches Hugo Perez The level and naming cycles to face a competition that brings many emotions and collides with Haiti will be alive in its Olympic dream, and it does not want to make it easy for blue and white.

Follow the best events of the competition, below:

90: Emmanuel Franாங்கois receives a yellow card after a foul

90: Four minutes are added in the second half.

89: After the Haitians’ shot was over, Thomas Romero returned to save Selekta.

86: Joshua Perez scored the third goal after receiving a pass in that area and the ball went to the side of the goal.

84: Changes in El Salvador. Enter Eric Calvillo and Gerber Chavez for Enrico Tunas and Kevin Menzover.

80: U-23 Selecta were close again, it was a plan in the attack of Fernando Castillo who hit the target, but the Haitian goalkeeper was able to control the ball into two parts.

75: El Salvador continues to approach the goal of Haiti, Joshua Perez creates a new path to the right, and when he crosses the depression, goalkeeper Jerome blocks it.

70: El Salvador tries to control the ball on Haiti’s half-court, trying to shake off the red and blue team’s dominance in the previous minutes. Minutes passed to pursue the dream of the semifinals, the goal difference was crucial.

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66: Denilson Bear takes the yellow card for the Haitian national team.

65: Haiti have taken the initiative in this section of the game and are approaching the national goal with power, and they are demanding Thomas Romero, who appears to have dismissed three balls in a row. The Los Angeles FC goalkeeper marks a great look in his debut.

64: El Salvador saved! Licandro Claros saved a luxury ball from the Haitian team for the national area and sent it into a corner. The ball did not go up.

El Salvador ‘s Melvin Cartagena (i) refuses to play with Haiti’s Roberto Luima (below) during the Confederations Cup men’s football team stage match at the Concacaf men’s golf course in Guadalajara, Mexico). Photo: EFE

59: Change in Selecta. Fernando Castillo enters and Ezekiel Rivas exits. Change in Haiti. Enter Emmanuel Francois for Elliott Torres. At 44, Clifford Thomas joined Daderson Clarewax on the Caribbean team.

58: In order to maximize the return of competitive goals, the pre-Olympic selection makes it difficult to write off all the opportunities offered to them in the competition.

52: Near El Salvador! Herbert Theas hit him from outside the area and the ball went to the side of the goal. In the next play, Joshua Perez hit him on the head in the small area and the ball refused to enter the frame again.

For the second time: The second 45 minutes at Jalisco Stadium began unchanged by both teams.

45 + 2: GOOOOOOOL for L. Solver! Joshua Perez gets the chance to finish in two parts to bring down goalkeeper Jerome and regain national advantage. Ibiza was focused on that area forward, where he hit a ball from the head to the wing from the wing and then, on the counter-shot, he hit it.

45 + 1 ′: About the score! Ezekiel Rivas hit him in the area and the shot was blocked by Odilon Jerome. The play came from another great move by Joshua Perez on the right, who finished before goalkeeper Alan Jerome left, but he rejected the ball, and on the second occasion Rivas hit him.

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45: Two minutes are added in the first half.

43 ‘: AR Search! Marvin Marquez was unable to reach the center coming from the left, and the ball went over the top of that area.

42: The dangerous play of the Haitians ends in nothing because the play is canceled when Daderson touches the Clarewax ball with his hand.

37: Close the target! A play from Kevin Menzower’s right went to Joshua Perez in the area, who crossed the ball so that Herbert Diaz hit him in the area and the ball went to the side of the area.

33: Selected are saved! Another ball lost on the Haitian court from Enrico Tunas was about to reach the goal. Penalty play against El Salvador after a clear push to Roberto Luima and his shot was saved in the goal line by Kevin Menzo.

29: Near El Salvador! Ezuel Rivas was about to score, but his title went over Haiti’s goal. The ball came from a brilliant center right from Enrico Tunas Hernandez.

27: El Salvador continues to be under pressure as he tries to get out of his own area on the Haitian pitch. Dynamic party in Jalisco.

Herbert Thias (L) of El Salvador (H)’s Daterson clashes with Klervox during a group stage match of the Confederations Cup Olympic qualifiers at the Jalisco Stadium in Guadalajara, Mexico. Photo: EFE

24: El Salvador missed her! Selecta’s high pressure is imposed on the Haitians, who stole the ball in that area, but Marvin Marquez was unable to hit him effectively, and he wasted Selecta’s second time.

The Haitian team found a hole in the Salvador defense after the Dutch Witz footballer lost the ball in a fantasy play. Enrico takes the loose ball to Peterson Joseph, who runs in front of the Salvadorans’ mark and sends it to Luima, defined by a low shot to the left of Thomas Romero’s goal.

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21: The goal of Haiti! Roberto Luima scored after Enrico Dunas ran from midfield after a loose ball.

El Salvador knew how to take advantage of the first best attacking opportunity with a key point from Enrico Deuce Hernandez to Joshua Perez, who beat the identity of two defenders and finished the Haitian goalkeeper in a great way.

19: El Salvador’s GOOOOOOL! Joshua Perez completed the Haitian goal after receiving a well-filtered pass and opened the account in Guadalajara.

17: Joshua Perez hit him from a long distance, but the ball went towards Alan Jerome’s goal.

15: Odilon Jerome gets the first yellow card of the match by kicking violently to Ezequiel Rivas.

14: Romero flew! Salvador goalkeeper Thomas Romero was careful to fly the shot placed in the first post, although he was a player on a team that covered the spot.

9: Haiti is coming! Peterson had two chances to shoot Joseph, the first could not close the club with the cross from the right, and the second, a corner kick from the converted band, opened to one side of Thomas Romero’s goal.

7: La Selecta puts more pressure on Haiti’s work, emphasizing its commitment to success.

5: El Salvador takes the initiative of the match and brings more purpose to the attack, while Haiti cannot forcefully beat half the court. Despite this, there is a lot of inaccuracy on the part of both sets.

1: The competition has begun! El Salvador needs a win against the Haitians to stay alive in the pre-Olympics competition.

Information: Haiti stand with the same line that played against Honduras, 4-4-2 with Roberto Luima and Peterson Joseph, trying to overcome the defensive missions that U-23 Selecta makes.

Project: As pointed out by the alignment, El Salvador opts for its traditional 4-2-3-1, where Enrico Dunas Hernandez stands at “10”, a position best covered in the final extension against Honduras, with Marquez leaving Marvin, with more preference in the attacking area.

Information: El Salvador presents four changes regarding Monday’s game against Honduras. Young goalkeeper Thomas Romero takes charge from Mario Gonzalez, Kevin Menzove returns to the line of yellow cards piled up by Ramulo Villalobos, Melvin Cardagena takes charge from Isaac Portillo, and Marvin Marquez does it for Eric Calvillo.

Lines of competition between El Salvador and Haiti. Photo: Illustrative and Commercial Image /

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