Natural disasters that have hit the world recently

Natural disasters that have hit the world recently

(CNN Espasol) – Drought conditions in the Northern Hemisphere are expanding and deteriorating Heat wave recording, In other parts of the world such as Eastern Europe Catastrophic flood They have killed at least 120 people and hundreds more are missing, officials said.

For decades, Scientists have warned Climate change will intensify and cause heat waves more often Intense rain events During non-tropical cyclones and flash floods.

Here we tell you what are some of the natural disasters that have affected the world in recent times.

Underwater in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands

More people have been killed than in the catastrophic floods in Western Europe 120 peopleHundreds more have gone missing as large-scale rescue efforts continue amid rising water levels, landslides and power outages.

Shocking scenes of the catastrophe in Germany and Belgium showed entire villages underwater, with cars piled up between collapsed buildings and rubble. The Netherlands and Luxembourg have also been hit by heavy rains.

Experts have described the recent events as the heaviest in a century.

Soil “tsunami” in central Japan

Rescuers search for missing at the site of a July 4 landslide in Atom, Shizuoka, Japan.

In early July, Heavy rains in Adami triggered a powerful landslide, Shizuoka Province, 90 kilometers southwest of Tokyo, Japan. The landslide destroyed about 130 buildings.

Japan is prone to avalanches, with an average of 1,500 per year over the past decade, an increase of almost 50% over the previous 10 years, according to a 2020 Japanese government report.

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Flood-related disasters such as landslides are a traditional but serious risk to the country. This is because experts say that half of Japan’s population and 75% of the country’s property is concentrated in flood – affected areas.

Iraq announces holiday in extreme heat

A man stands next to a fan while spraying water on June 30 in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

On July 4, authorities in Iraq declared a public holiday, including in the capital, Baghdad, as it was too hot to work or study, with temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius and its electrical system collapsing.

Hurricane in South America

They report several hurricanes after Elsa passed in the United States. 1:03

The Tropical Storm Elsa It was followed by a hurricane that hit parts of Southeastern America, which reportedly continued into New York.

A A possible hurricane caused a landslide at the Kings Bay Navy submarine site On the evening of July 7 in Kings Bay, Georgia, several injuries and damage were reported. Many of the injured were taken to local medical facilities for treatment. Other hurricanes have been reported in northern Florida and southwestern Georgia.

The heat wave wipes out British Columbia

Nearly 500 people have died in Canada due to historic heat waves 0:40

In British Columbia, Canadian authorities counted nearly 800 deaths between June 25 and July 1, 500 times higher than normal during that period and the heat is believed to have been involved, said Lisa Laboint, the state’s chief medical examiner.

In particular, in the small town of Lytton in southern Canada, it has had a poor record. A Unprecedented heat wave It killed hundreds of people a week and ignited more than 240 wildfires in British Columbia, most of which are still burning. Now the fire has turned most of Lytton to ashes, forcing its people and hundreds of people around them to flee.

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Greatly affected by the heat wave in the United States

Temperatures above 54 degrees Celsius are recorded in some parts of the United States. 3:48

A Historic heat wave This is reducing much of the Pacific Northwest of the United States and exacerbating the drought. July begins.

Portland set an all-time high temperature record for three consecutive days. Seattle also broke its own record set on Sunday. Across the border, Lytton in British Columbia also broke all-time records on Sundays and Mondays, with temperatures hovering around 9 degrees Celsius above normal.

At least 83 people have died from heat-related illnesses in Oregon, and authorities are investigating 32 deaths. In the state of Washington, at least 78 people died.

“Unprecedented heat in the northwest, coupled with another week of dry weather, led to worsening drought conditions across the region,” the United States’ latest drought watchdog said. The temperature, which was 1 to 6 degrees Celsius above average, increased evaporation, “further drying the soil and vegetation”, exacerbating the drought in the region.

High temperatures were reported in California and Nevada and parts of northwestern Arizona and southwestern Utah. This includes cities like Sacramento, Bakersfield, Las Vegas, Palm Springs and Phoenix.

At the opposite end of the country, more than 40 million people in the Northeast are under heat warning, including New York, Philadelphia and the metropolitan areas of Boston.

Severe heat in India

Visitors at Humayun’s Cemetery in New Delhi, India on June 30 amid a wave of heat.

In India, tens of thousands of people in the northwest have been affected by heat waves. The Meteorological Department of India on Wednesday classified the capital New Delhi and surrounding cities as experiencing “extreme heat”, with temperatures continuing to rise above 40 degrees Celsius and above 7 degrees Celsius. The heat combined with the monsoon makes life difficult for farmers in areas like Rajasthan.

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The report was co-authored by Madeline Holcomb, Hannah Kart, Taylor Ward, Emiko Joshua, Janko Okura and Blake Essick.

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