“Finally we have space to practice this sport”

“Finally we have space to practice this sport”

ten skaters They enter a field that looks pompous, but has little arches and a can. carry helmetsAnd the knee pads واقية s Palos, or retort, raises them to heaven and exclaims in unison “Let a spark ignite!”. The faces of the participants are drawn smiling. And this is not the least, because for the first time they will slip into a range basketball court Exclusively to pursue your passion: roller hockey.

With colorful aprons they distinguish themselves from their opponents and begin to show skills, those who made it in yards or amusement parks just like one of the Kennedy. Outside the stadium there are their family members and other athletes waiting their turn, but the friends shine the most, who introduces them spirits After an opponent falls or fails to score a goal.

This time, the blue team, certified as Tigres, won a resounding 5-0 victory. Three annotations were signed MAROXY LUNAWho is the leader of the community? Guayakill Patina, which collects nearly 300 surfboards from the main port. She’s excited that the municipality has finally given it away Attention due to hockey With this court located in the sports complex Benjamin RosalesIt is located at the intersection of Benjamín Rosales and Las Américas streets.

“It really is an important moment, since then We finally have A public space for the development of this sport,” says Luna, remembering that this will help promote this sport in the city.

“We are interested in promoting skiing and jockey, and that it is mobilized as in the interior. It is a sport that attracts everyone’s attention, whether they are children or adults,” says the young woman.

At the opening of the track, which took place on Sunday 4 July, other skiers and snowboarders, who took advantage of the surroundings of the sports space to practice, also attended. Spinning or sliding between slopes. By their practice they gave dynamism in the afternoon and drew the applause of their parents.

However, for Daniel Campoverdi, one of the other skaters, it is imperative that Cabildo takes into account the creation of an exclusive professional field for hockey. “It gives more motivation to this sport, especially to those of us who already practice it professionally. We need that support for‘ asserted the athlete.

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