Find out that Amazon has 3000 conversations recorded for you

Find out that Amazon has 3000 conversations recorded for you

TikTok user I was surprised after finding out Amazon had over 3,000 recordings of his voice, which was apparently taken from his Alexa speakers, as well as data about his location and contacts.

the user asked the tech giant to send her all the data she had, including that collected by smart speakers that collect data about her life when interacting with Alexa. specific, He has two Amazon Echo Dots and one Amazon Echo at home.

The company sent him a large file containing several volumes, Including one with over 3,500 short audio clips. One of the most disturbing finds in the data was a group of contacts from friends, family and colleagues pulled from his phone that he “can’t remember syncing”.

TikToker discovered that Amazon stores thousands of your conversations. (Tik Tok).

after discoveryIn Amazon’s Terms of Use and Privacy, the user finds that the company can store voice recordings when speaking to Alexa, as well as photos and videos “collected or stored in connection with the Amazon Services.”

TikToker didn’t know what to expect when I applied and was surprised when they found out that they had so much information about it. In the short video, the young woman stated that she “didn’t feel completely comfortable” with her findings, especially when she discovered a file with the exact latitude and longitude of her home.

Finally, a TikTok user mentioned that the type of content the company can collect about you can also be restricted through Alexa devices within the app. IThere are even some Alexa features that we recommend disabling.

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Since he uploaded the video showing his data to Amazon, The video has garnered 2.6 million views and more than 185,000 likes. To prevent others from suffering what she experienced, she created a directory for people to ask for her information.

company response

In the data given to indy100An Amazon spokesperson said:We give customers transparency and control over their Alexa experience. Customers can easily review and delete their audio recordings, or choose not to save them at all, at any time.”

Customers can import contacts from From your mobile phone to the Alexa app so you can use features like hands-free calling and messaging; This optional feature, which customers must configure, can be disabled at any time.”

“finally, You can give permissions to Alexa app Use certain data, such as the geographical location of your mobile device, to provide relevant results (for example, weather, traffic, and restaurant recommendations), and you can manage these permissions in the app.”

How to stop Amazon and Alexa from collecting your data

You can prevent Amazon employees from listening to your audio recordings. In the Alexa app, go to Settings > Alexa Privacy > Manage Your Alexa Data.

From here, turn off the switch that says “Use audio recordings to improve Amazon services to develop new features.”

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