Carmen Villalobos on her body: “I like to see myself more plump” | celebrity | Offers

Carmen Villalobos on her body: “I like to see myself more plump” |  celebrity |  Offers

October 2021 was quite relaxing . The famous Colombian actress is on vacation with her husband Sebastian Caicedo, after going through a long recording season. He showed through his social networks all his happiness.

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the rememberer Actress “Without Breasts No Heaven” He left a message on his Instagram account showing all his happiness: “Great days of love, recharge, rest and a lot of gratitude. We had an absolutely amazing time”Villalobos Books.

More than 17 million followers on her social network have seen how much the artist is having a good time with her husband on the beautiful beaches of Cancun. They’ve also seen that the Colombian doesn’t mind wearing a dress that shows how much she weighs.

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Carmen Villalobos looks happy with just a few kilos

Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Caicedo They have planned a trip to Mexico to celebrate their second wedding anniversary. She was wearing a gorgeous white dress, the same dress she had worn to her wedding. However, he did not count on the fact that he did not return to leave due to the extra kilograms that he had gained in recent weeks.

“Yesterday I put on the dress, it did not rise from the bottom of the hips and did not close my back from the top”Published by the Colombian actress.

Carmen herself admitted that in recent months she has not weighed herself, because she is not a fan of stepping on the scales. This is due to the fact that in his recent photos he shows a slight increase in weight.

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“Unfortunately, it is not a burden for you to say: Oh! How did you gain muscle mass! No, it is pure fat. But I still like it because I look in the mirror and look more plump and say: How beautiful!”, Villalobos shared his stories on Instagram.

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The Catalina Santana you remember from Without Breasts, There is No Heaven enjoying the beaches of Cancun (Photo: Carmen Villalobos/Instagram)

The love story of Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Caicedo

The actress spent 11 years of courtship with Sebastian Caicedo and in 2019 they decided to unite their lives at a media party in Colombia. Shortly after the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic and after completing the Colombian’s work on the TV series “Café con aroma de mujer”, they both decided to embark on their North American trip.

Villalobos through his Instagram, where he shared a photo with a message referring to the fact that everyone can achieve their dreams but with great effort.

“What can I tell you? That dreams come true, right my love? That when you work hard, and in your life you always put God first, and when you have a wonderful life partner, dreams come true”, general.

The couple met in 2007 in the telenovela “No one is eternal in the world”, produced by Caracol TV. The actors first shared the roles and weren’t indifferent, according to Villalobos.

“Everyone, on his own, seemed to me a very handsome man, I seemed very handsome to him and everything, but nothing. Suppose everything came later ”The actress said in an interview with ‘Más de ti’. However, love did not start there, but continued into the future.

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