Five successive earthquakes with a magnitude of 6.2 shook India, Nepal and Afghanistan

Five successive earthquakes with a magnitude of 6.2 shook India, Nepal and Afghanistan

New Delhi.

he National Center for Seismology of India (NCS) On Tuesday, five consecutive earthquakes ranging in magnitude from 2.7 to 6.2 were recorded, with their epicenters in locations in India and Nepal, where some physical damage was reported.

The third earthquake, the largest, occurred at 2:51 pm local time, at a depth of five kilometers, and its epicenter was in western Nepal, according to the National Center for Statistics.

Another tremor with a magnitude of 4.6 was recorded at a depth of ten kilometers half an hour ago in the same location, while two other tremors with a magnitude of 4.3 and 3.0 were recorded in the states of northern India. Uttarakhand And Assamrespectively, according to the Indian agency.

The National Center of Meteorology also recorded another earthquake at 4:29 pm local time, with a magnitude of 4.7, at a depth of 10 kilometers in the city of Faizabadin western Afghanistan.

However United States Geological Survey (USGS) Only two simultaneous earthquakes of magnitude 4.9 and 5.7 were reported with their epicenter in the Nepalese city of Dipayal Silgadi, in western Nepal.

The tremors were felt in cities such as: New Delhi Or Kathmandu, and in some Nepali cities damage to some homes has been reported. Authorities have not reported any deaths at this time.

Nepal And Afghanistan It is among the countries most vulnerable to natural disasters, has a highly vulnerable population, most of which is poor, and lacks adequate infrastructure to deal with floods or earthquakes.

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