Fleur Rubio reveals her legal dispute against Pepillo Origel

Fleur Rubio reveals her legal dispute against Pepillo Origel

Origin of Juan Jose Bibelo He was making some misogynistic comments blonde flower, the journalist Who has already won a lawsuit against the famous presenter Offers.

In case you weren’t aware of a process that lasted more than six years, seeking a decision from the nation’s Supreme Court of Justice, but calm about being able to come out victorious in the case.

“I think when the truth helps you, you have the strength to get to the end, what happened was a bastard, it came back because it came from a co-worker I trusted but that affected my good man,” says Fleur. in a interviews with the media.

Moreover, it guarantees that gherkin It affected not only her, but also her children and family, who resented the situation, which is one of the strong reasons why she should do something. legal.

“We cannot allow a woman to be trampled on, and to be treated the way she was,” a condition that continues to this day.

It is despite the fact that feminism has gained strength in recent years, the situation has been very complicated by the habits and people who have been with another kind of education, sometimes doing things without even thinking about it, in a natural but passive way. ..

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Fleur Rubio maintains that Pepillo Origel has never come close to clarifying or asking for forgiveness.

In addition, Fleur Rubio admitted that Pepillo did not contact her for any reason, not even to apologize, although everything was done in the media, she never had the opportunity to talk to her and clarify the matter.

This is not a victory or a failure for either of the two, it is about generating a boss as a negative and evil behavior of many men or even women because this is nothing new,” the journalist said.

This is how Flor Rubio and Pepillo Origel’s situation expands, he always defends himself by making sure I don’t speak the way she reassures me, saying that she also asked for forgiveness even though she denies it.

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