Lionel warns that financial reforms will push Latin America to “catch fire”

Lionel warns that financial reforms will push Latin America to “catch fire”

Latin America will be on fire if a solution based on tax increases is sought, as former President Lionel Fernandez warned, referring to the fiscal reforms that could be approved in the region, given the economic and health situation it faces. The world of the epidemic.

Fernandez gave Colombia as an example where protests broke out that unleashed the dead and missing, and which then president Ivan Duque withdrew the project. In an interview with the elCaribe media group, he said: “Colombia wanted to implement its tax reforms and what happened, sparked the social protest, which will happen to all of Latin America, and which will burst into flames if it tries to adopt as a formula for increasing the tax on crisis and disaster situations.”

He understands that if tax reform is not politically feasible, it will create instability and the inability to govern, and it is not known what would happen.

He warned that we must be very careful because major crises generate dictatorships, and in this sense he cited the crisis of Adolfo Hitler, Raphael Leonidas Trujillo and Anastasio Somoza.

In an interview with the elCaribe media group, former President Fernandez also referred to the financial crisis in Europe and said that “in Europe, despite many brilliant minds who made this mistake, because the bank is demanding, the bank is putting pressure on it because first its money was by the welfare of the people Everyone who was in power in 97 European countries got out of power, where Social Democracy was, the right won. And where the right was Social Democracy won, and Angela Merkel won only, “he pointed out.

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Regarding the tax reform that the current authorities are carrying out, Fernandes said that it should have taken place in 2015, “The tax reform should have been done in 2015 and it was not done, then it was said that it will be in 2019 but like the previous government (Danilo Medina) was In the constitutional reform of the continuity of the issue cannot be addressed –

He pointed out that “all risk rating agencies believe that the Dominican Republic can default and that the economy is now like a patient in an emergency situation, it is still fragile,” he said.

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