Foods that will help you prevent different types of cancer | Health | magazine

Foods that will help you prevent different types of cancer |  Health |  magazine

Eating a balanced and healthy diet helps reduce the risk of cancer.

The foods and lifestyle that a person leads can Increase or decrease the chances of developing cancer.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), exercising, giving up toxins such as alcohol and tobacco, and eating healthy can happen. They help prevent between 30% and 40% of cancers.

Cancer can arise from a number of reasons. These factors could be Not modifiable like genes or modifiable like tobacco, pollution or food.” Dr. Miguel Ángel Berenguer Francis, MD, a medical oncologist and radiologist, points out at a Publishing From the web portal Interested in trade.

The article states that diet is the key to avoiding any kind of disease and that Eating a balanced and healthy diet helps reduce the risk of cancer.

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This is because Essential nutrients are provided to the body to prevent cell damage, But also to achieve a healthy weight, as obesity is a major risk factor Interested in trade.

The publication also notes that there are foods that help prevent cancer and are recommended by doctor and scientific advisor Emilia Gomez Pardo. the following, Some of the foods mentioned by the specialist:


Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, brussels sprouts or cabbage among others) contain isothiocyanates, which are elements that appear It helps reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer.

The sulforaphane found in these foods, especially broccoli, supports the inhibition of the clonogenic capacity of cells in ovarian cancer, according to study It was published in 2007.

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a study From 2010 also points out that these types of vegetables can contribute to a reduced risk of breast cancer.


The consumption of spinach and other leafy vegetables such as chard, kale, kale, etc. can be linked. With longer survival for ovarian cancer patients, According to research published in temper nature, Get into the role that diet can play in dealing with cancer.

This is because it contains Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients More than recommended for the body to fight inflammation.

Green leafy vegetables contain vitamins and minerals. Photo: Pixabay

Red pepper

Carotenoids are a variety of natural pigments and are found in many fruits and vegetables. Such as carrots, zucchini, sweet potatoes, red peppers, etc. They give out colors that can go from red to orange as well as yellow.

interested in trade It indicates that these foods have many beneficial health properties, for example, these antioxidants play an important role in vision, But it also appears to have a beneficial effect in reducing carcinogenesis.

a Investigation The publication in 2017 notes that those women who had elevated levels of β-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, lycopene, and carotenoids They appear to be less likely to develop breast cancer.

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Strawberries, currants, blueberries, blackberries or grapes, among other foods with shades ranging from red to bluish They have a high content of anthocyanins.

The anthocyanins It is a substance characterized by its high capacity of antioxidants with possible properties Anti-cancer, anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory.


Kiwi is characterized by its high content of vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is a powerful antioxidant crucial among other things to the immune system, Fighting the development of cancer cells.

Kiwi fruit has many health benefits. Photo: Pixabay

An apple

This fruit has A large amount of dietary fiber and polyphenols that partner with your gut microbes to create an environment that can reduce your risk of cancer, according to researchers from the University of Perugia (Italy).

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The study indicates that people who ate apples regularly were less likely to have certain tumors, Including the lung, intestine, mouth, digestive system and breast, compared to people who did not eat this fruit on a regular basis.

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It is a food rich in antioxidants, vitamin C (a serving of tomatoes covers 61% of the recommended daily intake), provitamin A and lycopene, The abundant carotenoid in this food has been linked to many health benefits. Including the prevention of certain types of cancer. (I)

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